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my friends helped me with what the logo says, it's been changed alot since I took this photo.

just needs a strap on the front but... too lazy. sod it. 8D

bitch got sleeves. still alot to do. 2 weeks till the con. fuck.


One boot done for saint. one more to go ><
I used some PVC that Chloe (AlienQueen) kindly sent me to extend my boots. alorra work. D: still need to order some laces.

Habit for Heather McCarthy (slutty nun) cosplay. ;)
pretty easy and straight forward, just made a balaclava from white jersey using a paper pattern of my head, cut the face out, added the bibs, and sewed on some black fabric. pretty easy. All I have left to do for nun is mod the catsuit and make some boot covers. :)

OH LOL forget the hurrrdurrr 2 second make-up. it's 4am bro.

to see how I feel in it. feels alright!

I've ran out of thread for the moment, so I'll plonk this here untill I can progress with it further. one side of the collar and zip are sewn, the just the other side needs doing and the lighter blue pleather needs to be sewn to the darker blue lycra.
Then it's making some sleeves and building on the details...aaaaaaaaand then the rest of the costume. jooooy.

It's not looking exactly like hers at the moment, hoping once everything it's properly sewn down it'll take a nicer shape over my bust.
ALSO I incorrectly cut out the pattern for my left side (left hand side in photo) so it doesn't completely line up with the otherside =/ and I'd already sewn it all together once I found out which I really didn't want to have to re-do. So I just made do and salvaged it as much as I could. I don't THINK it notices, untill it's pointed out.

zip is pinned in and the neck/collar is sewn. it took me HOURS.

still got a long way to go, but i'm pleased with how it's turned out so far. :)

back part of the jacket. i dont think this is gonna turn out good...

i hate how it looks. -_- it;s wetlook lycra - not a bin bag lololol

it's a navy blue wet look lycra :) it's really dark but... I'm sure it'll work just fine.

An Archery bow that was given to me by my uncle. knowing my luck it was probably worth a fortune and I've just gone and painted over it lol
used a bandage for the handle just to add detail and also make it blend in with the ice axe too. Lara would probably use bandages, scrap fabric or ANYTHING she finds to use to make her tools more durable and practical, to help fight those bad guys ;)

Some GORGEOUS Axes my friend made me. I LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3

this is the one I used for Sweet Pea. :)

for Ash's jacket :D still waiting for the navy blue :)

I'd have LOVE to have done this variant of Ashley. But due to time, skill and resource limitations I just can't risk it, considering there are people who are relying on me cosplay to Ashley! I'd hate to let them down!! aghh!!!

Need to start progress on her uniform soon.

Make-up test for Ashley. I'll need to get a nice wig because I REALLY don't want to cut my hair. :S

papiermache'd cardboard for the holster, covered in pleather. used a beer can for the metal piece and riveted it all together. then SUPERGLUEDDDDDD everything in place. gotta superglue otherwise it WILL fall apart.


the strap on the cloak SUCKS. but I honestly don't care. I'll change it some other time. SO YEAH WOO.

Got really pissed off in the end and just blitzed the sewing. it's botched up in many places, even managed to sew on the hood all wonky. OH YAH.
but f*** it. IT'LL DO. and I doubt anyone will notice anyway.... and people won't even get close to me anyway.... BECAUSE I WONT LET THEM >:O

yeah. bed plz.

Mounted the weapons and scabbard onto the holster. Still need to paint sweet pea's sword, will get round to that tomorrow. Then she's finished! :)

Will consider this complete now.... xD

I just added a piece onto the existing handle with FIMO. uhm, yeah it isn't very straight LOL I don't care. hopefully the NEXT time I will MAKE my own sword and it will be GRAND >: o just need to learn how to work wood. D: fgkldhsksklmfdsflsf
so yeah just needs a paint then wrap the handle in pleather. then neglect it and forget how awful it looks and how terrible I am at making props. :D

that's all papier mache'd.

I don't think the gaps in the middle of the 'blade' is symmetrical.. :S We'll see once it's painted! lol

using the good old carboard and papier mache method.
I'm seriously making this up as I go along, no idea what I'm doing xD
Wish I could've used wood or something, but just don't have the skills for woodcutting :/

was going to get a curtain pole - which I think are around £30... but managed to find a garden cane for £1.88 xD GOOD OLD WILKINSONS!

so I've sprayed it black from the green colour it was. Next will be the spear head :)

Why can't cosplays just sew themselves? ERGH. JUST BE COMPLETED ALREADY D8

still got the holsters to sort out and attatch to the garter straps. quick job but... CARNT BEEE ARRRRRSED. quite frankly. i need more wine.

just gotta sew it in properly. :)

and it actually turned out quite alright, if I do say so myself! considering I'm absolutely USELESS with hair. I don't think it's the correct way of doing the bun she wears...but I don't care. ;D
OHH and don't worry, those stray brunette hairs will be covered by the wig properly, just need to losen it a teeny bit.

just needs a hood and lining. :)

that's right. with the little...thing in the middle. i dunno what it is. ;D

badly sewn pleather with an elasticated strap and buckle. complete with D-ring. ;)

leather belt, with webbing on top and a fimo buckle. I am NOT pleased with the weathering and too lazy to do it again. noone will notice. :D

yeah, I'm pretty please with these. dyed an existing pair. They're hand sewn mesh sides, so I hope it stays :S

Little top I already owned and just cropped it.

my brown one fucked up during the dying process and I just don't think I've got enough time/money left to sort it out xD I will do eventually, but I'd rather NOT stress myself out before the con. no-spank-you.


so this is the buckle, made from fimo. choaked to death on silver chrome spray and a coat of lacquer. the hook thingies at the side will be mostly covered by the belt anyway. I'm pretty happy with how it looks. :) *dies of aerosol poisening*

I just LOVE that lace-up hip armour <3 wow!

everything is from scratch other the the gloves, the chaps which are modified trousers, and the clutch bag is modified.

it's totally crap. I wish it was neater but, oh well!

First time properly making some armour.
It's just 2mm craft foam, some glue and acrylic paint. I'm pretty skint D:
next will come the rivets and finding a way to attatch it to my leg :S hmm.....
oh and pardon the disgusting floor D:

just gotta paint on the floral detail. though I'll do that once i've definitely finalized the pattern - i'm afraid I'll muck it up :/

also glued the middle D-ring in the wrong place, though that doesn't really matter. just used a coaster, some faux leather, craft foam, gold acrylic and 2 types of glue, with d-rings, a clip and somne studs.

I'm NOT happy with how that belt buckle looks. oh well, I've remade it 4 times - I can't be arsed to make it a 5th time lol

Just gotta attatch the d-rings to the buckle and make another strap. THEN it's painting on the floral detail - I'm bricking iiiit D:
also just realised I won't be able to weather it because I've already put glue on the buckle. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
Lesson learned: DON'T RUSH THINGS.

it's just got a coat of glue drying over the top at the moment.
agh, again it's not 100% perfect =/ but I did my best with the materials I had.

I used a coaster with some red faux leather stuck onto. then I painted the cut out foam shapes and stuck them on. next is to just make sure it's got a good layer of glue and then maybe I'll try weathering it. though I don't know yet! gotta complete the 3 belt straps, attatch the d-rings to the buckle and set it up somehow. that probably makes absolutely no sense - I'll update with a pic which hopefully will! XD

I tried my hardest to make it all symmetrical, but it will never be perfect.

Just need to correctly sew in the zip as it's only pinned.

then I'll add a crucifix on ze tities.

make up was just quick - ignore it.

My bangs are too short to make them all poofy like hers. But in all honesty I think the over all look is pretty cute :) obviously the hair is an extension. I just need to make the hair piece for it then, done! :)

I WAS going to buy some brown perscription lenses, but they're just too expensive :/ my eyes can sometimes look brown anyway, advantages of having hazel eyes :P

just the start, still need to hem over the sleeves, make the collar, add the back of it including a zip. and then attatch on a crucifix with lots of swirly gold detail.
it looks shit at the moment, I'm sure it'll look fine once it's completed but I'm quite pee'd off with how baaad I am with a sewing machine >.<

Testing out how I'd go about making the armour.
definitely learned a few things when making this, but it certainly looks good enough.
next test piece will be for the belt! still trying to finalize the design on the belt though, I'm desperate to not make it look tacky!

the materials I'm going to use is an ivory/creamy satin for the base of the dress, covered in a maching lace for the bodice.
Then I'm hoping to have layer upon layer of chiffon, hopefully an ivory/creamy gradient into pink and lilac. The top t-shirt layer will be a lilac chiffon, with a similar colour for the bodice which will be gathered. Then a dupion silk sash to hold it all in place!!

sounds confusing, lol. but I know what I mean ;D

Now I just need to get 4 cosplays out the way SO THEN I CAN START THIS ;D woot!

This is how I did the ruching - just folding it at the hem, pinning into it and sewing over it.

just need to create the folds, then attatch it.

bah, i hate how the bodice looks. =/

ALMOST there.
Just started on the shoulder sash - currently two layers sewn onto 2mm craft foam. I'll eventually create some folds and sew them in :)
I think it'll end up being 'blocky' rather than the distinctive 'roll' effect that carries throughout the dress. I'll experiment before I come to a conclusion though. :)

So, sewed the little decoration - it's the same shantung silk as the skirt, I just dyed it to match the darker yellow. I have already sewn the buttons, which I did after I took this pictureeeeeeee. I extended the crinoline too, so the fabric doesnt sink inwards like it used to.

All I have left to is the shoulder sash. I think it's gonna be the hardest :/

cardboard, glue, faux leather, paint, foam..... staples ;D

bought a pair of black faux suede thigh highs. I then sewed 4 straps and then riveted the cartridges with some pleather. the cartridges are tubes covered in papier mache and acrylic paint. and blah. too tired to write lol kfjkdjfdksfl

Testing my metallic gold and bronze's on my red faux leather to decide what works!! not sure either do tbh :S will have to mix a gold that'll match the cording anyway! hmmmmmmmmm :s might buy something else to edge it with, what I don't know!! GAWD DAMMIT Red is so hard to work with! O_O

Gonna remake my cloak like an annoying little hoe and use AlienQueen's cloak pattern!
buying some nicer velvet (going for the cheap wasn't a good idea) with the same cheap satin for the inner, as that wasn't bad atall! :)
Gonna be expensive, BUT WORTH IT!

also got on there the Cherry Red faux leather for my belt :) I hope it looks good with gold!! :S

the straps are just pinned. only need to sew them - but I'm gonna do that tomorrow. ^^

Lol, at the moment!
I've just gotta now cut and hem ze crotch! this part is crutial because it's the only sodding thing that I've entrusted to protect my Dignity! You fail on me leotard, I'll never cosplay again. ever. xD

sorry for the dark photo.
it's all cut out and tacked now :)

*copy and pastes from facebook*
Ruching is done :) now just gotta finish up the bodice, attatch it to the skirt, hem the bottom and add the shoulder sash and the little decoration that goes around the skirt.
I'm so happy to see it all come together ♥ :) the picture is with and without the flash so you can determine the colours better!
I'm also thinking about somehow extending my crinoline so its about an inch? above the floor, the fabric seems to just droop inwards once the crinoline ends and looks poopy!

Gloves and Earrings bought!
the mask is black foam and faux leather with 2 eyelets and shoe laces for fastening :)
one of the eye holes isn't cut out properly. I'll sort this out before the con ^^

Items I already owned. :)
Didn't fancy splashing out on more boots and jackets just to be accurate.

it's ridiculous, this could've been completed in a week. yet it has taken me over a year of preparation and STILL I'm nowhere near complete xD
BUT slow progress is better than no progress atall.
Had a bit of a drama over how I was eventually going to do the ruching, it seems my sewing machine isn't advanced enough for me to ruche it the proper way! So after much speculation I've decided the best way for me is to just gather the fabric at the hem, pin it and machine sew it in place. Its given the effect I wanted! 2 and a half panels are sewn here :) 5 and a half more to go! woop! :D

St Benedict cross with some black beads.

had no idea what sweet pea's cross is..or religion, I know nothing about it and nobody I knew could tell me anything about her cross. so i opted for a little st benedict, it looks like hers, it's a crucifix... it was CHEAP! so i went for it lol

and my doggy :3

meh, sorry for the naff quality photo D:

I wasn't happy with the last one whatsoever. plus it fell apart :/

so i've remade it :3 10 times happier with this one! :D

1st image: 3 layers of foam glued together.

2nd image: painted khaki, cloest colour I could get to the straps.

3rd image: started with the edging and made the strap for my waist. had to cut the strap in half as it was too thick :P it was cheap and the best colour i could find!

4th image: speaks for itself.

hair and make-up test.
curled my long brown locks, slapped on some pretty red lippy and a pair of falsies, teamed with my sweet pea coat for effect ;) xD
had fun doing this edit. ^^ can't wait to do her now! :D

I KNOW. srsly!

i've sewn the front 4 panels together and pinned it to my bodice (which i'm not 100% sure yet i'll use, but will do for now.) oh and ignore the bust escaping the bodice there, I lack more in the bust department than my mannequin does so it doesn't quite fit over the top xD

i had a little go at the ruching which is alot harder than i thought :S

sweet pea pauldron bought from Terry English.

These are the fabrics I'll be using.
the bodice is just a mock-up i did and the lighter fabric is just pinned to the crinoline. I think the lighter fabric... maaay be a bit too light - but i rekcon once it's all sewn and rouched it should look okay. if not well then I'm gonna have to consider looking into 'how to dye shantung silks' xD

gonna start some mother fuckin' progress on this soon, as it needs to be finished by Christmas time! expect progress v. soon ;)

it's getting sooooo close to completion *.* i can't wait!

gave the lining a what i like to call white-wash :P basically just painting a mixture of white acrylic and water with the same ratio to make it lighter. it's come out well!

eyelets! ^^ surprisingly quite easy to do! thanks to AlienQueen for showing me how to do them <3 love you!!

LAWL! drew in some eyelets and laces on paint to see how it looked xD I'm itching to do them already!! agh!

i hemmed the right shoulder.
now it's just making the right sleeve, hemming over the front and bottom, hemming the back and then adding eyelets and lacing ^^

god i love it when stuff comes together <3 <3

SO close to finishing.
just need to make the sleeve. hem the edges, add eyelets then lace it all up.
I think it's looking great so far, I'm so pleased ^^
although the sides don't line up properly, i'll just see if i can change it once the lacing is all in.

starting of the weathering!
using acrylic paint, sunflower oil, tea bags, choccy sauce, fake blood.

finalised with being trodden on in the garden and tumble-dried! did the same with my trousers, minus all the stuff listed up top.

for the lining I bought a (what I thought to be) a beige Linen, when it arrived it was wayy too greeny :S more like Khaki. god I hate it when ebayers mis-describe things. I should really start ordering samples lol!
But I THINK I can get away with it, it's only the lining... right? D:

just experimented with washing it with some diluted white acrylic. seems to do the job!! ;)

just pinned to my Lara (mannequin)
just need to sew down the sides, then i can start sewing over the edges and the lining in. :) THEN to start on the otherside lol!

jacket all tacked! I'll save doing the edges till the very end, as then i can sewi in the lining ;D

yep, my bum.
oh and don't you just LOVE my pjammas? xD and my dog :') gotta love my dog.

added a stud, with a big d-ring and added 3 d-rings on the back sewn to some faux leather. that belt is actually perfect! <3

managed to find a belt that looks pretty exact to the faux leather i used. woot! had to paint the buckle silver, threaded it through some gaps i made in the holster.

FINALLY got round to completing Sweet Pea's coat pattern! I'm really pleased with how it looks, so hopefully I'll be starting this tomorrow and finished prefferabely before oct.

made from FIMO and painted with acrylics. I couldn't really work out exactly what it is, but I imagine it's a pheonix, which makes sense cause of the reborn thing :P lighting makes the paint look weird :S... might re-do it :O

better view of the holster. i'm really happy with it :D ignore the unneat garter strap, couldnt be bothered to pretty up the inside too D:

i was able to make it more accurately now we have closer screenshots that show her outfit in more detail, especially the holster.
it's basically just craft foam, two layers of faux brown distressed effect leather (i guess lol) sewn. then the holster bit is cardboard with again bit of foam and faux leather. added a stud to make it look swanky! just needs a belt which i bought from a charity shop for £1. can't got wrong lol
just inside the holster i put a piece of tight fabric to hold the gun in place, stopping it from falling all the way through (if that makes sense)

extremely confused about sweet pea's holster.. I think i've got the shape wrong completely. I know the top has two wide straps going over her shoulders but i couldn't achieve that with the materials i had. but i thought the bottom went the same way, but i've just noticed it doesn't.... lol! oh well :P
and yeh i am aware it's the wrong colour, but the straps i bought were a VERY greeny khaki so i had no choice but to paint the holster itself the same colour. looks alright though, anyway! xD

why not, i upload everything else lol xD

top is a grey marl dyed with acrylics - anyone who says you can't dye fabrics with acrylics is a twat. i used grey marl because it goes REALLY dark when wet, which is what hers seems to do. does the trick :)

The trousers were a pale olive in colour, but i put a light brown wash over them and they've got an okay colour for now. sorta what i want, they could do with going a few shades darker though.

the front of the holster in progressssss. for the raised bit i used foam and am now sewing around the edges.

inside of holster. it's faux leather guled to cardboard with a bigger piece that'll have the edges sewn over.

y' you do. ready for silver chroming :O

i plaited some faux leather and made a pendant using fimo. painted with acrylics and varnished a little.

practicing the front of the corset jacket, only the two front panels, i wanted to see where i needed to improve with the pattern cutting and also the hemming and what the thread looks like ect. the faux leather is only pinned to the mannequin so it looks very pants D:
I now know what ive done right and what ive done wrong and how much i need to do differently :) the stitching is rushed so it isn&#039;t neat. I will take my time with the final and make it neat as best as i can :D

will start the real jacket the weekend ~

my pooy ice axe I made out of polystyrene and paper mache. it sucks majourly xD but it did it's job!
as much as i really want to buy the dmm rebel ice axe A. too expensive/waste of money and B. i'd have prolly accidentally killed my pony D:

only shots I have of my holster D: it got ruined with mud haha
spent ages on that stitching!

hehe my pony <3 <3

at LAST - the stitching just took TOO long. -.-
i got the hang of it in the end, thats why the right side is SOO much better than the left xD

btw, i know that the top two round bits are supposed to be long to go over the shoulder, but i only had an A4 piece of foam so i couldn't really make it any longer :S this'll do anyhow :)

pattern drawn onto some craft foam... i've used 3 sheets for thickness.
I then painted it with acrylics paint - khaki is actually very difficault to make lol I tried to make the colour the same as the strap (on the right)

Think I've got a winner for the lemon fabric now
this is pure silk material which is quite thin but I'm thinking if i just layer it, it should be okay - it'll also be easy to rouche too - as the duchess satin for the bodice (on the right) is waaay too thick to rouche.
I'm not very experienced with fabrics, but I'm learning!

they exactly match the material i have for the bodice :)

Ordered some fabric samples and this sunflower yellow is absolutely perfect!! this will definitely be used for the bodice and the drape around the dress :D
the fabric is duchess satin, it's just the right thickness and it's not overly shiny, it just catches the light perfectly ;)

Now I'm just looking at paler yellows that compliment the sunflower yellow, edging towards lemon yellow now, *orders more samples* ;)

to be used as tanks! lol
they'll be used for the air tanks Lara has. they're a little bit weighty so i'll have to come up with a way to keep them on my backpack o.O

this is the leotard what I'll be using, I just need to add some yellow panels at the sides, down the arms and on the collar.

It looks smaller than it actually is o.O it fits me perfectly.

some fabrics i've been looking at.
I don't want to use just 1 shade of yellow for the whole dress, to me, the corset and the drape that sits around the skirt is a few shades darker than that of the skirt itself and the shoulder sash.
I don't really want to use ordinary satin as it's too shiny and looks awfullly cheap and reminds me of those cheap halloween costumes. The best fabric which is cheap and not OMGINYOURFACESHINY is called duchess satin which is used for bridal dresses. (which in the picture, is the stuff on the right) another fabric i've looked at is 100% Pure Charmeuse Satin Silk. but I really can't make up my mind xD and I don't know how different these two will look together. :P agghhhhhh

better shot of the holsters.
definitely wanna get a new pair of shorts :P

my backpack
made from craft foam and faux suede material. the silver keepers are made from coke can.
i wanted to make a few adjustments to this when i have time :)

used a kilt belt bought from ebay
faux leather i hand sewed for the side straps and garter straps
cardboard covered in caux leather for the holster base and some foam covered in faux leather hand sewn straps for the holster straps.
I used fimo for the buckle which I'm REALLY unhappy with, and I will certainly remake this once I get more fimo xD

my smith and wesson 1911 pistols. (well just one here, obv haha) painted and ready t' go!

Colt MK IV Series 80 with extended magazine - .45 ACP ,(I'm being told my wiki lol) is the gun Lara uses. closest I can find to this with little difference is a smith and wesson 1911 colt :)

sadly I don't lol
pair of old white jeans I no longer wore, savaged them, unpicked pockets and will do belt loops. dyed brown using a mix of woodland brown and sunflower yellow.

tan faux suede material for backpack. wouldve used canvas but it was HELL expensive. so settled for this :)

a grey size 6 jumper from primark I cut up and dyed bahama blue ^^
gave a great effect and is exactly what I wanted

completed holsters

used carboard and faux leather with coke can for the metal parts.

these guns are modelled from the H&K USP Match, they're very cheaply made, but they do their job.

gave my old guns a respray today.
the gun of the left side had been broken so i repaired it (very badly) with fimo. turned out like crap because i used the wrong glue.
I now refer to these as my 'con' guns, as i can take them to a con and it wouldnt matter so much if they got a little more broken, although actually it would, because i dont want to break them xD
I'm gonna get a new pair of these soon, hopefully.

made from craft foam and faux leather.
the round nib thing is a tube lid painted silver, weather and scratched :)
i want to redo the front raised bits, they look poo.

decided not to sew the grey airtex mesh onto the sides, i think it looks nice without it.

might do eventually and do a proper guardian of light cosplay. but this is only an underworld cosplay with a GOL inspired top, my own variant of Lara ^^

btw yes, i'll admit now that I'm wearing a primark push up bra ;D my real chest size is pathetic and I want to do Lara justice. and so, a £5 bra to make me from a B cup to a D cup is essential!

it was hard to get this to look good LOL just fimo spray painted silver.

i made a choker from faux leather then covered it in cotton and lace. finished with pink ribbon trim and hearts cut from faux leather as i found it difficault to it them out.

modified a pair i already have for school. stitched the sides, covered the toe and heel in the same material as the body... i couldnt sew the sole so i cut up pieces of ribbon lool :P
pendant is craft foam and held of by a sewn on chain. the toe ball is a polystyrene ball painted pink.

didn't get the sewing straight, lawwl. skull heads I made from fimo, sprayed silver and weathered with black acrylic.

detail of the back. the pendant is just craft foam sprayed and weathered. the lace still needs to be dyed again.

just got claws to do!

made using foam and paper mache. sprayed silver, weather with black acrylic and painted the edges using wall paint.

just need to make horns and the little trinkets

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