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Time for a quick update! The hat now has material covering it, but needs painting/additional details adding, the neckpiece is done except for the gold pieces, and the boots are 100& complete! =D

As for the corset and sleeves? ...Not yet ^^; Got the pattern for the corset, just need to modify it and the sleeves'll be my biggest challenge, I think. I don't have a pattern at all for them. Good thing I have a lot of scrap material!

Still need to get my wig cut and make the leg band, too. This cosplay really is a step up from my previous ones! x.x

So I'm bitting and bobbing different parts of the costume until I find the right materials for the main bulk of it. Thought I'd post a little collection of WIP images so far :3

Started work on the claw weapons. One pic's everything masking taped together to make the general shape to see if it'd work, and the other's the first set of claws attached together to fix to the main claw body when it's done.

The skirt is made of some old scrap material to test methods for added ruffle. Think I've got a good plan for it, just gotta get the right material now.

And finally, the hat! The base is all done. Maybe needs a teensy bit more support keeping each part together, but that should be easy enough. Again, just need the material now :3

On a site note, I've already got the boots I'm going to mod, I just need some similar material to adapt them. Only cost £5, so I was pretty happy about that!

'Til next time!

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