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I got into cosplay after going into hospital for spinal surgery (scoliosis, major points if you know what that is)! I met a girl who lived nearby who had the same operation in the same ward and we kept in touch; I met her group of friends and in there discovered MrsChumphy who was also an avid anime/manga fan. We found out about MCM back in 2006, went to that (I borrowed her Princess Mononoke cosplay) and since then it's only got worse (in my family's opinion)/better.

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Due to time and financial constraints, Clara is being pushed back until Fushicon. On the plus side, the wig arrived today and feels really nice. Just needs the fringe styled in!

Damn, Clara has already exceeded my budget! I got my hair cut the other day, otherwise I would have been able to get away with my own, but have now had to fork out for a wig and paid express delivery to ensure it arrives in time for Kitacon 3.5. Some little bits and pieces have arrived, so it's coming together!

Wow, I have been neglecting the journal here! Everything was pretty much brought together in the last fortnight in between writing a dissertation so cosplay island has kind of been forgotten!
So, the skirt has been painted inside and out (twice), which took 3 days. The corset, leg guards, arm guards and holsters were made with the help of my friend who is in LARPS, and we pretty much spent every evening measuring/shaving leather etc. First time working with leather and probably my last, as I had to do a LOT of test runs.
Everything else was more or less bought and then altered. I have finally bought the sandals and tights that I will fashion into the blue belt. Hopefully after Kitacon I'll put up a proper plan of how everything was made, and of course photos!

So, most things have arrived now :D
The skirt has been cut out and just needs to be painted. I plan to use a stencil and craft knife to avoid spillage. I need to find some cheap sandals and sew the blue belt but other than that things are done. My friend is almost finished on my armour too!

Argh, I'm still at the 'collecting materials' stage and this is already costing over budget D': Definitely not good when I've got a dissertation and employment to worry about.
Due to my ineptness at making certain things, I have commissioned by neighbour (who is a LARPer) to make the corset, holsters and leg guards. This partially explains the skyrocketing price, so I will definitely not be making any more cosplays for a few months. Magoichi should be durable to wear over and over again.

So far, I have collected: gloves (to be modified), belt (minus the belt pouch), tabi, wig, necklace materials, fabric paint, elbow guards and red fabric. I have been having trouble finding the right coloured trousers and belt pouch so will have to keep trawling shops and the internet.

So Nia's done but I won't have the chance to wear her until Midlands MCM expo now! Whilst the finished product isn't perfect, I'm happy with the overall result and now just need to watch my weight over the next few months.

After faffing about with the blue material over Christmas (you can probably guess I didn't have much free time with my course) I successfully sewed the neck and arm pieces. However, because I was unable to position the suit correctly over the sewing machine, I've attached velcro to the leg pieces which I will just have to tape on and off each time I put the suit on.
Secondly, I failed to spray the suit with hair spray so the paint has chipped in some areas during transportation. It will be dabbed over one more time when I'm back at uni with the paint, then sprayed to death.
Thirdly and finally, the shoes need a repaint and the black needs to be added on. Again, the paint is back at uni so it'll have another go-over.

THEN I should be done. I have a sinking feeling it won't look as perfect as I'd imagined in my head but this has been a good learning process for me. If I'm happy enough with it, I'll enter it in the Midlands masquerade.

The base suit has been painted and I am moving on to sewing the fabric. So far so good but now that I'm back home for Christmas I need to do it sneakily when my mum is out of the house. I can actually imagine her trying to stop me from wearing this as it is rather... um... 'different' to cosplays I've done before!

So after two botch-ups with paint that allegedly worked on black material but did not, I finally found some wonderful fluorescent pink system 3 paint which I highly recommend. The paintwork is intricate but not as difficult as I had expected, so it should be done by the end of the week, then I can start looking for the blue fabric that will need sewing on.
The pattern was mapped out with me wearing the suit and my friend drawing on me in chalk. Photos to follow once I am wearing the finished painted base.

Damn, moving slower than I thought...
The zentai suit arrived and looks all correct and fits me a LOT better than I expected, so I am happy with that. The silk pens do not work however, so I have ordered some trusty Dylon fabric paint for both that and the shoes. I will get to work on the shoes first as they will be easy *touchwood*

Not having a sewing machine around the house makes the sewing process much harder and as a result I have a stiff neck! I originally bought a long-sleeved shirt off ebay and removed the arms, hemmed the shoulders and stitched down the collar. What I particularly like about this costume is that it's quite tight round the bust. So, it's all bust, bombs and eyepatches here.

After spending about a month researching materials and particular fabric paints, I've finally got round to buying things! Fun times!
I read a few horror stories about painting zentai suits and had advice from whether to wear them whilst painting to what kind of paint to use. In the end, I've gone with liquid silk paint as it was the best recommended by other anti-Spiral Nia cosplayers!
The suit is in the process of being ordered- I'm just waiting to get confirmation on whether I can commission it without the hood as I'd rather not risk cutting it myself.
So, all in all, this should be a-go-go within a fortnight depending on work (hence why I haven't started this earlier).

Oh Rubicante, you are the bane of my life...
Failing to get this finished over Christmas, I started on the white paint for the cape but ran out before I could add the second layer. However, there wasn't any white paint to buy in my whole town so I've had to order some on ebay which won't come til sometime next week. However, the cape is 90% done and I am proud of it!
The mask is fully completed in terms of paint, but the red fabric I left over from the cape is too obviously different to make the horns and ears that go with it. So, failing to find a similar-enough coloured fabric in town today- I ordered ANOTHER identical balaclava which I will have to desecrate.
So, another £14 more and this baby will be done!

Over the past couple of days I've been mapping, cutting, sewing and altering 4 meters worth of fabric and am pleased with the final result! The ends are slightly tattered as I couldn't sew two sides of fabric together (the stitching got bunched up so I had to cut out half of the inside of the cape) but other than that I am very pleased. Next step is to paint the diamonds on and then take it home where the rest of my cosplay pieces reside in order to work out what still needs doing.
I've scrapped the donut collar as it won't be able to attach to the rest of the cape, and it actually looks better when it's just wrapped over my shoulders.

This cosplay is back from the grave! Finally had the time since getting back to uni to do some serious business.
Bought 5 meters of polycotton fabric, probably too much but I'm doubling up the cape so it won't fray so allowing some leway from that.
Fabric was £40... Crap.
The shape of the collar (from which the epically long cape will hang) has been tack stitched and once I have some stuffing it and set up my sewing machine it will work. Pictures to follow...

Ahhh Franziska, you have been stuck in my cupboard for far too long... You will be back after a two year retirement!
I have decided to redo some of my old cosplays because I am, in short, unable to afford multiple cosplays this year. So Franziska will return to Kitacon 2010 with an improved bow and wig... and WHIP!

So it only took two months but HELLZ YEAH! In the end I decided to make the snakes as one big snake with two heads, so I could fix the wire around my waist. I must admit I had help from my neighbour here as it was very difficult and nearly resulted in a broken sewing machine. So major kudos to her for helping me with this, all that is left is to paint the boob patterns on the top.

Decided to just do a quick job with the underclothes. I bought a tshirt from Primark (saved dying it) and painted it as needed, as well as a pair of shorts. They're the same colour so work well enough, though are very faintly striped and the buttons are silver. I'll unstitch them nearer the time but am now ready to move on to the CLOAK OF DOOM!

Hmm as the length of time between journal entries would suggest, I only recently got to work on the snakes a fortnight ago due to being in France and being in a sling. Good news is they are in progress but very tediously and with any luck will be done by the end of the week, meaning I'd just need to paint the top then finally be DONE!

I haven't had a chance to go into Primark and buy some clothes to dye, so I started on the mask instead. Pretty easy if not tedious, it's still in need of patching up and the horns and ears need adding when I've got left over material from the cloak which will be the thing I'm doing last typically. Apart from that, I think this is coming along smoothly so far...

As Rubicante has the greatest legs in gaming history, it only made sense to do this part of the costume first. This is also the first time in my cosplay history that I'm actually pleased with something and don't want to start over again! As it turns out I love photographing my own legs, I have a load of potentially pervy pictures on my camera still that I chose not to upload *ahem* Anyway, next stage will be buying a pair of white shorts and top, dying them and then adding the top detail.

Instead of revising this afternoon (brain imploded) I decided to do a mock up of one of the snakes that will be attached to my back. Thanks to KhaosKreator on the CI forums who gave me advice on how to make them, though unfortunately thing s went rather wrong at the end when I tried to sew some pink fabric on for the inside of the mouth so the head is very rectangular and not circular. However I know how to sort this out (or so I think) so plan to make both snakes once I'm back home properly for the summer. Then all I need to do is paint the top and attach the snakes. They won't be exactly like the ones in the picture, probably a lot lesser exciting but this is the closest I've ever got to prop making so miracles will not happen here.

So the skirt is done, yay! But as usual something is still wrong, my feet can be seen D: For some reason this wasn't a problem the first time I tried it on and I have ironed out the mesh at the bottom which will hopefully help. I'm going to get an underskirt which will hopefully solve the problem but luckily if i crouch down it's hidden and looks like I actually am coming out of the ground...ish

The snazaroo paint has arrived and fabric paint for the skirt is on the way. Stupidly I'm still looking around for a decent skirt, I'm looking for a hooped one now because I think it would be a little more convincing that I'm coming out of the ground. I've also found some GOLD fabric that I may use for the snakes, because gold snakes are just a little cooler than yellow snakes.

After 3 weeks of parcelforce trying to charge an extra £20 for service charges (how this poses a threat to international security/terrorism/whatever the reason was), the wig has arrived! This was on top of the price of the wig and shipping charges, ripoff really. It is now my baby, it reminds me of something from the We Will Rock You musical which is a very good musical indeed. That aside, the wig was a (late by the time it arrived) birthday present from my mum, so that's £30 saved and being accumulated towards the next part of this cosplay which will either be a green corset or black material for the skirt.

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