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Saturday 29 October 2011 @ London MCM Expo October 2011 - Luke Triton [Professor Layton & The Curious Village] - ATTENDED!
Saturday 18 February 2012 @ Midlands MCM Expo February 2012 - Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto] - ATTENDED!
Saturday 26 May 2012 @ London MCM Expo May 2012 - Uchiha Sasuke [Naruto] - ATTENDED!
Saturday 30 June 2012 @ Lucky-Con 2012 - Gary Oak [Pokémon] - ATTENDED!
Saturday 27 October 2012 @ London MCM Expo October 2012 - Togepi [Pokémon] - ATTENDED!
Saturday 25 May 2013 @ London MCM Expo May 2013 - L [Naruto] - ATTENDED!

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In progress for MCM in May :)

Had a good time at Lucky-Con today!
Entered the masquerade and won... Participant... (that's my nice word for nothing! xD).
Congrats to the people who did win! :D
It was a good event and I hope there will be a Lucky-Con 2013!

Not having a necklace for Lucky-Con! If I wear this again I might have time to make/get one!

The wig arrived today!

Bought the wig from cosplaywig on eBay!
Now I just need the boots and the optional necklace.
I probably won't have a sign xD

I had a really great day at Expo yesterday!!!
I got a lot of cool stuff and met up with people.
Might wear this again!
^_____^ this one!

I just need the boots, wig and necklace (which I'm making)!


Got the purple shirt! I actually got it a while ago but my internet had been down. So I'm posting this now! :)

Started work on this now. Might wear to Lucky Con in Lincoln.

Might buy the purple t-shirt from Primark for a couple of quid.
Might not wear boots, but trainers, if it appears to hard to get them.

Yesterday I went to Expo! I had tons of fun.
Really hope I can re-wear this now.

I'm planning a Nyan Cat cosplay.
This should be one of the easiest cosplays to make.
I just need a box big enough!

This cosplay is now COMPLETE!
Pictures to come!

Bought the wig today from an eBay seller.
Hopefully arriving in the UK soon!

Yay! It arrived a few days ago but I'm posting an update now!
Only the wig left! This will definitely be ready for Expo! ^_______^

So, decided to take a chance with a Chinese eBay store. *crosses fingers*

The cosplay will take a while to arrive because it's custom-made and from China.

Now I only need the wig! :)

Didn't win that eBay auction. Looking on Trustedeal now.
Looks like the only legit foreign website...
I've also posted and bumped my ad in the Market Place!

Very quick update to say that I have posted an ad in the market place for the wig & shoes!

Work has begun on my cosplay now!
Unlike my Luke cosplay, I will probably buy this cosplay as one big set.
It seems that there are loads of cosplay seller sites, they all ship from China and look dodgy.
So, I'm going for the cosplayer's best friend... eBay!
I've found a cosplay which is perfect and then I'll only need the wig & shoes.
Happy cosplaying!

Wow. EPIC TIME AT EXPO! I went in this Luke costume and I had an amazing time!
I'm not sure if I'm going to retire this cosplay. It was my first and I did spend months working on it.
Most of the stuff I'll be able to wear again.
The question is... what will be my next cosplay?

Check out the pictures I uploaded!
I'm styling my hair on the day, so in the pictures my hair is normal. When Expo comes, my hair will be like Luke's.
Also, sorry for not getting my shoes in any of the pictures - then again, you have something new to see on the day! ^_^

Pictures of my cosplay will be online today or tomorrow.
I'm only going to make my hair like Luke's on the day.
Bye! ^_^
P.S. If anyone is cosplaying a Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright character on the SATURDAY of London MCM October Expo 2011, find details on a meet-up and photoshoot here:

Hey world!
Zouri will probably be my second cosplay and I might wear it at an event. I'm not sure which one yet.
I shall start work on Zouri in about November but I'll be researching all the time.

The Luke costume is now complete! All ready for Expo now - pics to come!


Hey world,
The final pieces are coming together now! The braces and the accent (just to get into character!) I need to get and work on.
I'll hopefully complete Luke by September!
See y'all!

Title explains it all - the shoes have arrived! I'm scared by how much they look like Luke's...
Braces, accent and button to go!

Hey world!
Been back from Italy for a few days. I've been researching for my cosplay in those days.
It's taken about a month, but I've finally found the shoes. They're called Crocs Bistro and I found a site that sells them cheap! I'm getting the Chocolate Brown crocs which should look great with the rest of my cosplay.
Mum tells me she got some hair spray ages ago from Boots I could use (this information may have been good earlier...?).
Going into town on Sunday - hopefully to get the button! Then I've got to get the braces and finish my accent (to get into role).
Keep cosplayin'!

Hey world!
For about 2 weeks I've been trying to find suitable shoes and braces for Luke, yet I still can find them!
I may wear black school shoes if I can't find proper ones.
I remember a few years ago, crocs created these shoes which were crocs but without holes.
They don't sell them anymore but if anyone knows anywhere I can get them please leave a comment!
Same with the braces.
This doesn't mean I'm not working hard and I'm only using other members to find stuff for me - I'm still doing my best everyday!
I'm going to Italy for a week and a bit so don't expect any updates until August!
Keep cosplaying!

Hey everyone,
Just a quick update.
I know where I'm getting the shoes now. Shoe Zone if you're wondering.
There are so few online braces shops. Classicwardrobe and Britishbraces seem to be the only two.
I will probably order from them but their products are either wrong or out of stock.
Anyone know a better place then the two I've listed? I would prefer online shops by a long way! I've started a thread in the forum - look for that! Or leave a comment.
Keep on cosplaying,

Hey everyone,
The cosplay is almost complete! I got the shorts today at Tesco. They're kinda green-brown. However, with the rest of the cosplay, they look great!

Bad thing is I have to wear a belt. They're too big... ugh. I'll just hide it under my jumper (sssshhh! ;P).

The hair spray and button will be easy. The braces will be medium difficulty to get and the shoes will be... hard. Wow. Easy, medium, hard.

Leave a comment if you know where to get the braces or shorts!

See y'all!

Hey guys,
I've got almost everything I need now! I got the blue cap from Matalan today and some other products like the hair spray shouldn't be too hard to get.

However, why do companies have to be constantly changing their stock? Honestly, you find one thing you like and when you go to buy it, it's gone!

Oh well, I have until October to get everything ready.

Keep cosplaying,

Hey everyone,
I've decided that I'm gonna be concentrating on the hat. For the bottom bit (waist down), the shorts are proving a challenge to get. I'm going to wait for the "summer sales" to get them. Besides, I have until October! So yeah, the cap is the main priority for now. Then the shoes shouldn't be too hard.

I got the bag today! :D. Big thanks to 'ToroSonyCat' for telling me where to buy it - Primark!
I also looked for the wig and the green shorts. However, I came out empty-handed. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHERE TO GET THE WIG OR GREEN SHORTS PLEASE POST A COMMENT!!!

Well, my blue jumper has turned up at ASDA, I just need to collect it. I shall do so on Saturday.
I have school exams (boo!) and during next week the cosplay shall be put on hold. On 25 June, it shall resume. On 26 June, me and a companion shall go to our town centre where there is a market. We will try to find a wig (if we don't find it there - eBay!) and the bag (Primark!).
Expect another update on 25 June.
Keep randomly tapping y'all screens for hint coins!

The title explains this journal entry well...

Yes, I have nearly finished the blue jumper section of this cosplay. Guess where from? ASDA! If anyone else is doing a Luke cosplay, go to the ASDA site now and type 'Blue Soft Touch Knitted Jumper' for a great, cheap (£4!) jumper.

I've almost nearly perfected my Luke Triton accent.

I have added 'red button' to my to-do list.


Hi everyone,

I haven't been updating for a while (school and everything) and as you could've guessed, I've stopped this cosplay.


No more. I'm back. I will be concentrating on this cosplay now.

I will try to wear this at MCM Expo October 2011.

I'll confirm when I've finished.


Hey world,
I've currently got a Cody Hackins costume in planning.
If it does go forward I've got the white socks and the digital camera ready!
Do you think I should do Cody for a cosplay? Leave a comment!

Hey guys,
I have a second planned cosplay. This time it's one of the world's most popular anime characters - Ash Ketchum from Pokemon!
If I want to do Ash, I've already got something I need! Blue jeans! I'm currently working on the desire to catch 'em all though!
The blue jacket might be hard but the baseball cap can be found at car boot sales or possibly on eBay. The wig might also be hard because that will envolve a lot of gluing and flattening of black "hair".
If anyone's got any tips on how to do Ash please leave a comment!

I've recently been looking at blue jumpers and blue baseball caps.
There's nothing amazing and I might start looking on the high street rather than online.

I have two items off the to-do list so far and I'm aiming to get about three more by the end of the month.
The brown bag and wig may have to wait a while longer but right now I am determined to perfect the Luke Triton UK accent. (USA voice is different and not as good as UK!)
As I said in my previous post, a blue jumper may be coming along soon and possibly green shorts. Brown shoes will 100% be the last thing.

Hello world!
For my first cosplay, I've decided to do my favourite gaming & anime character of all time... Luke Triton.
I've already got my white socks AND my white shirt! so that's two things off the list! Even though they aren't of high priority!
Next step will be a blue jumper!

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