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I think I got into cosplay when I was around eleven/twelve, so that would have been shortly after I got majorly into anime/manga etc.
My first ever cosplay was Crona, from Soul Eater, which I wore to my very first expo >w< my father helped me make the sword, which bent throughout the day due to its size x'3
Since then my interest and love for it grew, and I've met so many new people and made a lot of new friends.
I adore the feeling of going to a convention in cosplay. It's not the same in plain clothes. If someone recognises your character [especially if they're quite obscure] that just makes it even better!
A lot of my cosplay-making consists of buying clothes and modding them, though I do sew a lot of stuff from scratch. I don't use any patterns, it's just me, a sewing machine, and tracing paper.

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Put in an order for the wig.
Estimated arrival is 31 Jan - 14 Feb, so I've got a bit of a wait ahead of me ;n;
Ah well, I think it looks quite good for her!

Because I like to take cosplays apart before even considering them. Um.
From the top down:
*Wig: Dark blue, should be easy enough to order one in. It shouldn't require a massive amount of styling due to the headdress.
*Headdress: I need more detailed shots of that. I'm thinking of some kind of cloth with facing ironed onto it to make it stiff, then the addition of spray-painted card or clay to give the metallic bits. The dots can be painted onto the cloth. Hrm.
*Face markings: I've seen more detailed shots of that elsewhere, so that can be painted on with face paint and a brush and hair-sprayed so it stays on for the day.
*Eyes: Err I will be planning to see in this thing, so I'll want to get prescription contacts which are yellow like when he removes the headdress uwu
*Cape: *maniacal laughter* I'm guessing the top bit to it will be "stiffer" than the darker, more raggedy part of the cape, so I've maybe got an idea to use two times the material and put card under it or... something. We'll cross that bridge when we come to it. I've seen it actually bend, though, so I want to avoid making it look like armour or making it out of foam. It'd be super awesome if I could fit it with lights, but that might be a bit of a pipe dream.

I can't really see much else of his costume from the reference, so I'll make another entry for his trousers and boots. Wahey~!

...of "These shorts are for 11 year olds and I wore them anyway"

Okay so I'm going to be cosplaying this at London MCM Expo October of this year. My friend Edo will be going with me as Mabel. We are both extremely excited. ;w;
I have put an order in for my hat online, and I er have literally no idea when it's arriving.
Today I bought his gilet and grey shorts. I also discovered it is physically impossible to find plain red t-shirts anywhere.
His socks also proved a bit of a challenge. Ah well I have a lot of time.

Okay so after staring pointedly at a LOT of different sources, I think I've reached the conclusion on what the colours should be.
His hat will be dark blue/navy. It will /not/ have a trim of yellow at the top. It will have a rose and a flower design, however.
His ruffled shirt[?] will be white.
His cape... thing will also be white with a dark blue trim.
I have literally no idea what the kind of chain thing is and I might have to consult someone else's help on that one um.
His breeches will be dark blue.
His shoes? Himaruya's [?] design in sepia shows them to look like medieval armoured shoes, but every other source gives him brown boots. I may side with those, for ease.
I may also go with the brown glove look for his arms.

And boy was it fun oh my gosh.
So many people wanted photos. The entire con was full of generally lovely people and I adored everyone. So many little kids too who were really happy to see their favourite cartoon characters ;w; oh my gosh.
I finished the backpack, and Jake's legs in time.
The tooth wax was really difficult to use and keep in. But it had a nice effect, so maybe I just need to get used to it more, haha. It received some comments.
Absolutely sweltering weather, despite wearing a t-shirt and shorts. But it was still fun.

*also black tooth wax aw yii

then we should be all fine and dandy
/panics gently

Yesterday I cut out the material for Jake's body and sewed it together to make a kind of giant pillow, which is now full of stuffing.
His eyes have been sewn together [white felt cicle onto larger black felt circle], and I have not attached them to the body yet as I need to make his jowls, too.

Just keeping a shot from when I first finished the hat and the ears were not properly attached so they would stick up.

As of today [um, two days before the convention. Smooth...]
I managed to finish sewing on the lapels and tattering them~
I'm actually really pleased with the result. Looking forward to wearing this on the Saturday. :3c
Better photos coming when I can leave my room, ehe~

We're getting there.
What needs doing so far is:
*For the other sleeve to be tattered.
*For his tattered shoulders and lapels to be added.

I'm actually in two minds about adding pockets to the coat. I can't see any in official art.
But it would be very handy to have them in order to keep the lighter and sweets.

Arrived yesterday but we had a truly amazing adventure with the post office trying to get hold of it.
I also managed to get hold of some black shoes earlier in the week, so I'll post them with the full outfit when I get a shot of the whole thing. Perhaps when I've made the coat. We just don't know.

Needs a massive trim but it's the exact right shade of red I need. Ahh~

So that's a relief.
They had this stupid writing on them but I managed to scratch that off without breaking everything. ;A;

So yesterday I went on an adventure [read: dragged my friend bodily around Primark] and got a vest and trousers.
The trousers are a little short because they're chinos and chinos are ridiculous and dumb despite being my waist size THEY ARE STILL TOO SHORT but uh it only really shows when I sit down cross-legged and they ride up so we should be fine.

I didn't manage to find a good pair of shoes for him, though. I found some men's shoes but they have uh really really pointy toes and look a bit ridiculous.

It's not exactly a pen but I think it looks good.

Estimated delivery is for the 20th March. So that isn't too long to wait~
Picture of wig included in journal. I feel sort of bad for not styling it entirely myself, but I was completely at a loss for how to do the strands on the top of his head...

In a fit of madness [or er tidying] the cleaver bent and looks pretty bad now.
I got some more foam board today. So I'm going to make another cleaver out of that and see if I can do a better job than last time!

To my great relief, my lab coat took to the bleaching! It's now white again.
My wig also arrived! I find that when the wig has arrived, a lot of the work has been done, haha.
Wig needs some styling, and we're all finished here.

I'm going to see if I can fix the glasses up again, fix my chipped horns, and wear this again for more photos.
I didn't get nearly enough of them, and I really was fond of this cosplay.

Been trying to bleach it all day using various silly methods.
Now I've got some bleach in a giant tub in the bath, and it's soaking away in there.
If this doesn't work, I'll resolve to buy a new one.

I was really not looking forward to this, but it was a lot easier than I expected!

I got some foamboard today, and as I type I'm in the middle of making it into a cleaver!

All transfer prints applied to black shirts.
Also bought blue scarf for Sherlock fandom!
Got my jam, too ;3

Thought I'd also use this costume entry to show the other two people's cosplays.
Just finished styling a curl into this wig for the Hetalia, and here's how it looks with glasses.

It's a bit long and will require a lot of styling to get his fluffy look and his unique style, but it's one step in the right direction :3

So we've got a relatively simple design for her clothing.
Her shirt is an ordinary school shirt, albeit it has a "hole" in it, presumably going through her body to the other side. This could be achieved by "bunching" the shirt into a centre, sewing it to a layer under the shirt, with a dark hole painted into the middle. The effect would be replicated on the back.
And she's got a simple grey pleated skirt [it's hard to tell with Kikiyama's art, tbh.]
Then it's just socks.

The only thing that poses a problem is her arms, and potentially her bunches. Her raised bunch could probably be worked through by putting black wire throughout it, and using that to support it. Along with hairspray and various other goodies!

I'm assuming the best way to do her arms is via fake arms, possibly bought from a joke shop. These could be spray painted white to work with the rest of her colour scheme [she is a monochrome girl, after all, that's her name], and by painting my own limbs white, they could be attached via some kind of clear strap [invisible bra straps spring to mind, weirdly enough] to the elbow of the right arm, and perhaps under the left arm, with two arms coming out of the left shirt sleeve.

The final hand could be attached to the wig mesh via sewing through it and onto the wig mesh, or via pins. Not sure if it'd be too heavy for that, though.

One eye seems fairly normal, while the other leaks a kind of fluid. The face would be painted white with the overall colour scheme, so it might be advisable to make the fluid black. Preferably viscous.
The mouth would leak the same black fluid, too.

Got that finished, so now all that needs to be done is to buy some dark transfer paper, whack that on, and iron it onto the shirt.

Written on them, and written on the Hetalia and Homestuck ones!

I finished making very high resolution images of the crosses on his sleeves, so all that needs to be done is to print them and iron them onto his coat.

Was very popular in the queue! It seems cosplayers are rather like moths, and are drawn to cosplays that light up! ;v;
My heels on my boots destroyed my feet, but I got to take them off a bit and wander around in some Converse I'd packed and no-one judged me after I explained how painful my shoes were c: and we spent a lot of time sitting down.
We're planning to cosplay this again at the London Film and Comic Con next year! :3

I have never been so popular at a convention in my entire life! ;v;
Of course that meant I got creeped on a fair bit =A='' but I'm not going to let that dampen my spirits.
I went with the absolute best Madoka, she hand-sewed her entire costume and it looks terrific c: so many people wanted photos of us, and overall we just had so much fun. Roll on May!

Ran out of bias binding right before the sleeves were done.
Got three more metres now. This is ridiculous.
Also added a transfer print of the Aperture logo to the front of the coat. The back will have a much larger one, too.

Got some flesh-coloured tights and painted over them in Gabe's lunatic-looking black hole face style.

Managed to get yellow coloured contact lenses from the local party shop. So happy about that.

Also got a zip for the coat, along with five metres of bias binding. That should be enough. :I

Finished doing the main body of the coat. I'm waiting on a lift for my parents into town, but there I am going to get a black zip, and like, several hundred metres of black bias binding [can't be too careful ah]. Also I need to get some transfer paper so I can make the shoulder panels for her ;w;

Uwehhh, I made the pattern for the coat [missing sleeves] and cut out the front and back of the coat.
I've got the entire day off tomorrow, I'm gonna sew it together and maybe walk to town to buy some transfer paper for shoulder panels and the front of the coat.

Also I need a load of black bias binding for the edges of the coat. I'll ask for a lift to the fabric shop [or walk it... or go by bike. I'm missing a travelcard at the moment...]

Look I only just sort of sketched these out because I'm very lazy. ;~;
But now I've got more of an idea of what I'm doing, which is a relief.

That's enough for today.
Skirt needs ruffles.
Tomorrow I am going to go out and buy clay, and paint.

[Well, minus some tiny black diamonds on her sleeves.]
Onto the skirt.

Had to fiddle about with the sleeves, they wouldn't fit onto my shoulders properly.
In the middle of tacking the first one now, as I write this entry. They'll be done soon! >:3

Today I shall work on the black trim for the jacket. I shall also make the jacket sleeves, and attach a trim to those, before sewing them entirely onto the jacket.
Then the top half of the cosplay will be done, and I just have the skirt and tights to do!

Just trimmed the fringe a little more so it's nice and even, and fit the ribbon onto it. With hair pins behind the ears, it stays onto the hair.

Currently I'm cutting out the pattern for her black shirt. When I've made the body of it, I'll make the sleeves, and fix them onto it. Then it's a case of attaching the collar.

I actually found my /real/ fake blood, so I'm really happy about that. I put on more than the previous time, too.
I tried putting bags under his eyes so he has a more living dead look, and a bit more of a sleep-deprived look.

Gave myself a repetitive strain injury.

Bought black and grey material at the weekend. I'm going to embark on a quest to make the grey cape/collar/thing when my desk is dry.

I just looked over this cosplay again and melted into a puddle of feelings at how much I miss this wig ;~;

Today I went out and got some darker dye. With this I can make the hood and cloak a much darker shade of red.
Hopefully that'll make the entire cosplay less of a red blob.
Just need to have access to the washing machine and it will be fine and dandy.
Also I am planning to make a Lil' Cal for LFCC ;w;

My friend wishes to attend LFCC in Earl's Court in July, so I'm going to be wearing this again to it.
I shall be accompanied by the same John as before, we plan to get some more photos in the more urban areas round the back of the building, hopefully.
Can't wait to go.

My friend asked me to cosplay Austria again two days ago, for the Saturday of MCM Expo, and join in her Hetalia photoshoot.
I obliged and brought it along with me. Changed quickly and we all hung around and got some photos of that.
Shall upload photos when they are on Facebook and I can download them.

Just WOW.
Excellent time, excellent people. Got tonnes of photos I am waiting to be uploaded, including some HetaStuck ones! Promoting the fandom love ;w;
Everyone else's Homestuck cosplays looked much improved. Very very high quality this Expo. I'm very happy c:

Wow ;w; what an excellent time. The weather was /so/ hot, so I basically melted at one pointed. Thank goodness I could change into something cooler...
Three people recognised me, so that was a very nice surprise! They all got photos, and I'm uh unsure what they'll do with them. Hopefully I'll get hold of them, they were quite nice [I hope]

Wig was a bit naughty due to the wind, but that couldn't be helped.
My friend got some photos for me so I'll edit the brightness etc. of them and upload them to here.

Unfortunately my friend was unable to find the skirts in time.
It's not her fault! Apparently they were out of stock ;w;
Decided against changing out of God Tier Dave for Kat, so I'm just going to be going as Dave for the whole of today. Should be alright. I still have my present for him.

It's taken a very long time, but now I can say I am DONE DONE DONE with this cosplay!
I absolutely can't wait to wear it and see the Homestuck crowd again, and get some pictures with my John.

He does obviously have his eyes visible, so I need to just shift my wig up a little.
Regarding the fake blood, the test run did have little tracks of blood. I need to really throw some more on. It also comes from above his left eyebrow, really, too, and liberally covers his face, so I need to drag it sideways across the face to like, mid-chin.

I gave my measurements to my friend. As part of her old PE uniform, she used to have to wear a green pleated skirt, and so she knows where to get them now.
I've decided there isn't enough time to get hold of the jumper, so I'll just be in a shirt. Ah, I'll try to stay indoors a lot, I guess.
So excited about Expo! Can't wait to meet Tom Siddell!

Recently went on a hunt under my bed and found my trousers.
Dunno how they got there, but now my mind is at ease. :3c hooray!

After spraying the blue star button [previous entry] with a white base coat of paint, I went over it with metallic gold paint.
I hope you'll agree it looks fairly snazzy!

I managed to /FINALLY/ locate a button in the shape of a star, proper five-pointed and raised in the middle.
Of course, it's currently blue and transparent, so...
I need to spray paint it white, and then I'm going to go over the white base coat when its dried with gold paint. I got some from Humbrol, which is used for painting Airfix kits. I will update when it's coloured correctly.

I've cut out my cloak, and I've managed to make the main body of it. I've also used bondaweb to create the little square cut-outs without fraying it. I'm going to be making my hood very soon, it's just a bit difficult making it from scratch, and I'm trying to be careful, so it's being slow.
I also got some shoes in Sainsbury's which were very cheap, they're like converse but they're not hightops, and without the logos.

Today I venture into the big wide world to obtain some red material for my cloak.
I am also going to try and investigate New Look because I saw some maroon trousers there recently.
...I also need to get hold of some fairly cheap small shoes just for hanging around with in Dave. My Converse are a bit tatty and have drawings all over them.
Wish me luck D:

Today I ironed the transfer prints of stars onto my gloves. I'm very glad they didn't melt ene
I also got hold of another hat. It has a star on it, but it's a lot bigger than the LHC star, so I need to find a way to replace that.

I got some. I think they might be a burlesque thing though so uh.
That was awkward.
I haven't gotten any stars onto them yet. I'm going to locate my transfer paper in this rather messy house and set about getting some stars onto them pronto!
Oh God I hope they withstand ironing.
Damn. This'll be bad if they don't...

They just fit, gosh! The sizes on that website were really strange.
I'm so glad they are the right size, though.
They said they'd arrive at the beginning of April, and it's halfway through March, so I'm pretty chuffed about that.

So then I just redid everything and put a new transfer on a new shirt. :I

And then my Dave shirt was washed.
Oho, that should be okay, you say.
No, it was washed with dishwasher powder instead of washing powder.
So the design has completely peeled off and corroded.
Luckily I got a spare red shirt so I just need to print this design again and iron it on. D:

My friend found me an absolutely perfect jacket and trouser set, so I'm going to order that when I have enough money. It's gonna take ages to arrive, too, so I need to order that very sharpish.

Got them! I can't stop wearing them now ;w;

I received word today that my sunglasses have shipped! Apparently the bank holiday and everything really messed up the times D:
The listing said it would take around 2-3 days to properly post, so they'll be here eventually ;3;

Had to buy some more transfer paper DX
But now I guess I have a surfeit of it for the future?
Made cog vector. Got my cog on [now an inside joke in my family, aaaa]
And ironed it on, so that's all well and good :D

Managed to find one. All I need now is some transfer paper and I'll be set D:
I can't have used up all my transfer paper at once, right?

My wig arrived at my dad's work, so he brought it home with him! Just tried it on now. Hopefully when I get aviators I can look properly cool :3

Oh my God that was the most fantastic Expo I have been to. I was really in two minds about going to May, ever since the security was made so bonkers, and people were just generally unfriendly, I guess.
But now I am really invigorated to go to May Expo with high spirits! Thank you to everyone from the Homestuck fandom who made that Expo really special :D

I was lent some spray paint, and I managed to complete the horns, so they look nice. Attached hair pins to them, and they lock into the wig mesh.
Finished glasses with my father, who cut out the lenses for me, and I glued, yes, glued, the lenses back into the glasses.

Managed to get some gold buttons for coat. They have little anchors on them, but they look okay at a distance.
Maybe Mr. Austria is thrifty and uses navy coats for his general wearing c:
And in Primark I found some leather gloves which fit nicely. So that should stop my hands from dying of general cold. It's been so freezing lately. Dx

About an hour after I posted the jabot picture, my dad came home with my newly-arrived wig aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

Picture of jabot and coat are in the cosplay photos. c:

It arrived! And I unscrewed my frameless glasses using a small pair of pliers. Pic related, my cup of glasses parts. I need to cut out the lenses and drill holes in them, then put the glasses back together again. I'm making this happen!

Coat: Ordered from eBay aaaa it looks amazing. I need to get some new buttons for it, so they can be gold and stuff.
Wig: Once again ordered. My friend is volunteering to wear it while I style it on her.
Boots: Have bought, and they are lovely. And I haven't made any cuffs for them yet but I WILL!

Made out of this plasticy-clay, it was a little difficult to use, but I looked up some tutorials on how to make little devil horns and used the same kind of technique.
I just need to wait for them to dry, and I'll paint them!

Oops, it's opaque! D:
Father says it'll probably be okay to practice the lens-cutting-out on, though, so nothing should go too wrong :c hopefully this shall ensure I won't make proper bad mistakes on the real thing.

After scouring eBay for a bit, I located some frameless glasses, which I ordered. I also found a sheet of red acrylic, 3mm thick, which got ordered too.
Acrylic estimated to arrive by the 30th September, and the glasses a little after that. I'm excited! :D

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