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MCM London Expo (May 2019) (Mei [Pajamei Skin], Overwatch & TBC)

MCM London Expo (May 2013) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Waitress Stocking, P&S)
MCM London Expo (May 2012) (Ezio Auditore, ACII & Stocking Anarchy, P&S).
MCM London Expo (October 2011) (Megurine Luka, Vocaloid Matryoshka).
MCM London Expo (May 2011)
MCM London Expo (October 2010)
MCM London Expo (October 2009) (Hinata Hyuuga, Naruto Shippuden).

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I worked all night and managed to complete the piece. Unfortunately the tank won't be done in time but I can sort it out for next time!

Not long to go now. Doubting I'll even get the gun complete In time!!

Slow going, but I have my start. I hope it works out!!

So the blueprint is all printed and cut out, and I'm happy with the scale as I didn't want it comically large. Now I have a template I can work from when the rest of my materials arrive - hopefully soon!

So, I've spent the last couple of days working on the blueprint for this build. I figured it would be much easier to work on if I had something like this "template".
I think it has turned out super well, I'm very pleased with it, though it took a little bit of work to go through a few different reference images to get the right perspective.

My plan for the images (to save time, as it is limited!) like the label and dog image on the mug, is to print this onto something sticky that I can cut out and transfer directly onto the gun. I might have a go at painting them on if all fails me but we will see how it goes.

I have also now ordered all the pieces I will need for the weapon and tank, as well as paint, wig etc. I will make a separate entry on all this when it has arrived, to show in more detail the materials and tools I'll be using, and I have a previous journal entry with an image of the costume "so far".

I'm super duper excited for the con at the end of the Month and have my plane tickets and hotel all booked. I can only hope I'm done in time, between waiting for deliveries and working!

PS: If you would like a copy of the blueprint for personal use, please don't hesitate to contact me on Twitter (xoAilune) or on CI.

Here's a mini Costest of what I have at the moment.

I've not been able to work on much as I am waiting for some deliveries at the moment, just fingers crossed I can complete this in time for May expo!!!

(Picture on photos section as it was too big).
I think I did pretty well on the fringe all things considered, I guess my experience cutting my normal stocking wig taught me a lot.
I'm pretty happy with it. I decided to keep the little bits at the side and just cut them a bit shorter since, to me, on me it looked better that way.
I'm much happier with it now it is styled. I was a bit unimpressed with it when I first opened it and tried it on. But it's definitely better now. ^^

This is the wig I ordered.
I don't suggest buying from the Ebay seller Koreahomme though, they took over a month to post the wig and when it arrived it wasn't very good quality and the wig is very small to fit.
It came uncut, so I set about styling it myself!

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