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Nothing fits except for the leg portion, and it gives my body a sheet ghost look to it??? It's weird. I'm going to be resizing the butt, the crotch, the arms, the neck, the stomach, and the breasts. I'll also change the mesh because my eyelashes are pushed down, which is why my head is tilted back in the photograph.

Been so long my ninja shoes are infested with dead spiders, just like Neji's social life.

Have to wash the dust off my jacket and make a new pair of pants. Have a plan for the bandages being a glove and a sock. Ain't nobody got time to wrap.

Completed the costume with time to spare on Tuesday night. The pants are resized XL denim jeans from Goodwill and the shoes were a gift from my sister that she got from Wal-mart for less than 6$, that I then painted blue. The Perry was also a gift from someone I don't know anymore that got him for me at a weekend trip to Disneyland three or so summers ago.

Altogether I'd say this is the cheapest costume I own, but not my prettiest, and will definitely be one of my favorites after the weekend. U v U

First shirt didn't work out.

Spent about a night sewing this new shirt. At one point, around 3AM in the morning, I was severely lacking the brain cells to keep sewing, but kept on anyway! And I accidentally sewed the shirt closed trying to get on the zipper...Flannel is not a bounce back kind of fabric, let me tell you.

Progress on the shirt is slow going, since I don't have access to an iron 24/7, but it's coming along. I'm not getting too excited about the shirt because I'm not sure how it will turn out. I've never paneled a shirt before, and most of what I make ends up too tight or lopsided or something like that.

I chose an off-white and orange flannel, but the lighting makes it look white.

I had a lot of leftover felt and even more free time to make some donuts for the costume.

Oh, what's that? Is that? YES! Vinyl! The only fabric that Warpy uses!

I used bias tape on this one, which is a first for me. The lining is a super fancy rich silk cuz I am so super fancy that I got it on sale. Currently on hold until tomorrow because I went waay to skimpy on the bias tape.

Okay! It's probably the first skirt I've ever made that actually looks good inside and out. It's a bit loose around the waist, but I figure the belt will fix that.

Shaky job, but it gets the idea across.

I'm like a farmer at an ATM with spandex, so I bought this cute gem little over 3 months ago. I just got it in the mail, and it will need some work/sewing. The mesh will be replaced with reflective lenses and I'm doing an accessory redesign on the webshooters and ankle guards.

haohu888's 65cm long mixed black and purple fashion wig!

It's been about 2 years since I did any Miku stuff. I am sooo damn slow.

Anyway, I got some cool Vinyl and gray silk button up I'm going to alter. I couldn't find the right material to make it out of anyway, but I'm confidant I could find what I need for Miku. I want to go for a more detailed design, I want to try some neon and reflective tape to do it.

I got my goggles today. I gotta say, they are damn nice. The black is much darker than they are in the pictures, and the yellow is very reflective. The only thing is that they're not mirror lenses, so I'll have to do eye make up, I can't just be lazy.

As for the wig it will be here around the beginning of march. Which is fine by me.

I ordered the wig and the goggles that I plan on using with my costume. In the future I'll use the same wig and possibly the same goggles with my Bart Allen ensemble. I'm cheap like that, baby.

The Grappling hook is made out of red and black viynl fabric, plus plush fleece in the middle. I based the design after Arana's SSM fandesign and the Amazing Fantasy design. I made it as sturdy as possible, but plush at the same time, that way I can actually swing it around without hurting anyone. It's win win for me.

Besides the fact that is poorly sewn.

I ran out of ink, so no Spider emblem just yet. I'm thinking about a Stencil for the magic tattoo, just because I don't think I could draw it perfectly more than once in my life time. But besides sitting on my large derriere I'm currently sewing my Grappling hook, which shall be a wonderful, yet terribly sewn, plushie. Mostly because I would like to throw it around without the risk of killing everyone that I love.

I got some left over Red Pleather from my Arana costume, plus the fabric from my sisters Robin costume. I really like the fabric, though I'm not entirely sure I want to use it just yet.

I already have a wig I can use, so bam! Nothing else.

Not skating. Since conventions seemed to hate me I won't be doing the skate/boot combo like I originally wanted. I'm turning these boots into something Beat might wear...If he was a Model. It's going pretty well.

I made my own design this time around, since I have no luck in making Beats Headphones. I decided to go for a bumble bee look because (to me anyway.) Beat looks like a Yellow Jacket.

I made these back in September for a convention I ended up not attending with this costume. I don't know if I'll ever attend another convention but bah. Which is okay with me, those headphones would have died if I had gone.

Currently working on the mask. for now I'm done, since I don't have any red spray paint. I should be working on the Jacket and Pants tomorrow as well as the very fun painting of the mask, but that depends more on whether or not I can get out to Michaels.

I plan to do this for DCC
I am so screwed, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing.

My sister and I want to cosplay from Ultimate Spider-Man for our first Comic Con, and I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do. I sure it won't be that hard, but the spidey suit I'm not so sure.

Oh, and my sister wants to be Nova, Sam Alexander. What a pair we make.

His hair has become a huge learning process for both me and my sister.
I've been looking up some tutorials about how to go about creating this look.
I'm taking a realistic approach but at the same time sticking as close to the cartoon Odd as much as possible. I'll do a smaller spike, frazzle the ends, Even make a hairline if I can. This wig is going to be the first wig I've ever planned for cosplay. And it will probably be for Odd and only Odd.

This tutorial is really going to help me.

I re-sized my black pants and have cut out the pattern for the half circle detail, which is just another pair of pants. I wanted to make it bigger than the in-game, but not too big, you know. The belt is still a planned thing, but I'm definitely working on it within in the week; but yeah, not much going on in the accessories department.
I also ordered the wig and it should be here in less than a week from now.

My upper body is done, well, except for the wig, but I will be purchasing it sometime this week, hopefully. This all took at least a day to finish, and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get help with the tattoos next time. The choker and armband are made of leather and foam.

I've gotten some fabric I can use to make the gloves and I found a turtleneck I might (I stress the word might.) be able to use. I'm going to cut it in half, and the lower half should be enough to make my gloves with. I'm cheap, but I honestly can't afford better.

The piece of equipment he ties to his headband is something I'm currently working on and will probably be half done by tomorrow. Also, I'm running a headband test, so I'll try the wig along with it hopefully also tomorrow.

This is what I got done yesterday. The Strap and shoulder pad are painted with metallic and platinum paint and are made of 2 layers of thin craft foam, but once again you cannot tell by the picture how reflective it is. I spent a good day painting and assembling it in a way that wouldn't interfere with other bits of my costume, expecially in a way that it could survive a day at a convention, but I realize that with binding it might slip off entirely. XD
I'm going to add a interior to keep my shoulder pad in, well, a shoulder pad shape.
The shirt still needs a lot of work, as you can probably tell, I made one sleeve a bit wonkily. I'm also thinking about getting a new Black Turtleneck for comfort purposes.

But it's all still under construction. =_=

I picked up some stuff and I'm pretty sure I'm set to make the rest of the costume within in the next 24 hours or so. I have no idea how to make pants so I picked up a pair of large jeans from goodwill and I plan altering them into a pair of cargos. I'll cut off the bottom part then make the two severed bottoms into box pockets. It's not the first I've done this so it shouldn't take to long.

The Fabric I plan on using for the shirt. It's a lot brighter, but it doesn't look like that in the picture.

I'm currently putting on two more coats of paint. I sealed it with a stickier thinner platinum paint so the metallic paint I'm using now will look more reflective once dried.
You can't see the texture or how reflective it is in the picture, so I took a close up one so it's easier to see.

What's I've finished these pieces I'll seal the edges with some thin foam and paint the bottoms deep gray, to give it a cartoon-like look, and then will be adding the band and the bolt to finish the piece all together. I feel really sticky right now. DX

I have what I need for the shirt to be made which is actually a small mini skirt that I plan on cutting up, the gloves are already sewn, and I'm working on the goth make up thing she has goin' on. I honestly have no idea if my Wal-mart even sells Turquoise lip liner.
It probably does.

I'm thinking about getting this wig, because it's really cheap and not too long. I just really hope it can handle cheap craft foam. >:D

I'm restarting from the ground up. The gloves, the pants, the shirt, the headphones all of it, even the spray can. I love this game so much that I won't be slacking on a single detail this time around.

As of now I have the shirt but it's sleeveless and white (because I'm poor.) but I'm waiting for some quality fabric pant and Black leather fabric, with some red, of course. I also have the dye. I'm waiting patiently for my supplies, which I will have the money for in a few days, hopefully.

THe jist of it is done. I haven't decided (Indecisive, I know.) If I will paint the armband or not. I probably will, though.

I made a new, more suiting pair of gloves. The cuffs were new to me and they quickly proved themselves a worthy adversary to this particular nooby. But I was the triumphant one in the end. They are a bit loose, but regardless I am very proud of them.

My first time making boot covers worked out pretty good.

So here's the beef.

The jacket was bought in 2009 along with a pair of pants, nothing else. When it arrived in the mail I was sadly disappointed to find the jacket was much to small and had a length that ended nearly past my knee. After a good test drive I quickly broke it in (It fits now, for some odd reason.) Literally, I broke it. The zipper jammed with no apparent reason and I was stuck in my Neji jacket for 30 minutes until I freed myself (yeah, yeah, laugh it up). The zipper snapped not long after that day, but with no reason to continue the costume I retired him. Now with my handy dandy sewing machine I shortened the length to my waist and fixed the zipper so that it would no longer give me problems in the future. Other things may change in the future, but that's for another time and this is only the first move.

I've gotten the fabric for the Skirt and the shirt, hopefully enough for all the red in Sakura's outfit. I'm confident this will turn out well, but this is the second time I have made a costume from scratch, so I have no idea how this will turn out.

I have some money that I will be using to purchase the wig sometime next month.
Jacket, Pants, Gloves, band, leg warmers, boots, undershirt, underwear even, all finished. Last things to get done are the wig and the weapon.

If I wasn't so F***ing lazy, this would have been done last week.

Everything but the weapon and one Leg Warmer is left to sew.
I messed up the first weapon, as usual... -_-

I have finished this costume awhile ago. Sad thing is I would have had pictures
But I forgot my gloves during the convention. I've lost half the costume since than. So until I can round it back up, I have no pictures, yet.

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