Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

(Backdated) Shoes


Completely handmade from foam and leatherette, with foam inners handstitched, and batting in top part. Leather clips and straps secure them to feet. Painted grey with leather paint.

(Backdated) Collar and shirt


All lace detail was designed and machine embroidered by me with a washaway stabiliser. I used a parchment thread to vary the colour. On the collar there's a single layer, on the shirt, two layers. Shirt is double layered but unlined cotton, with patterned lining at its own collar and also cuffs. It follows a pirate shirt pattern but with less sleeve fullness and other changes to neckline, etc. Collar was designed then broken down into individual parts to insert the homemade piping, and all lined with the inner cuff fabric. Collar is separate from the shirt.

(Backdated) Trousers


Basic weathered grey leatherette trousers with fly and button detail, unlined except at waistband, fly and pockets. Pattern detail is quilted on with batting underlay and applique stitched around.

(Backdated) Jerkin


The base jerkin measurements follow the Bara system, as referenced in Gnogy's 'Modern Maker vol.2'. They take into account height, waist, hips and chest, and have different tapes for each. The jerkin is built from deep blue leathercloth, with a green suedette overlay for the back. The jerkin os lined, but due to the thick layers and unusual angles this was topstitched in. The armhole/neckline section is quilted, with a base satin and a range of threads and applique stitches. All embroidery was drafted and patterned, and digitised by me before being machine stitched. Pieces were embroidered onto satin, cut round and appliqued onto the jerkin with a blending thread. My theory for using satin was that because it frays it spreads slightly (like an old tattoo) - which gives the embroidery a more settled look. I handstitched around the embroidery pieces in dark blue to make them pop from the fabric too. Collar was handstitched in. The back does up with elasticated string through the corset style rings.

(Backdated) Wig


Wig was wefted with both brown and blonde wefts, sewn in - with more brown towards the base and more blonde at the top to create a more natural look. The base wig was an Aria Blonde lacefront from Arda. Once I'd cut and styled it, I trimmed back the hairline slightly to give it a more male pattern look and ran a drybrush over everything to create more stark highlights. Balthier doesn't have prominent styling or specific spikes so a little hairspray sealed the look. For the sideburns, I ventlated some brown wig hair into wig lace as separate pieces. These are attached to the face with wig glue.

Details: Part 2

Lady Bahamut

I finished off the points by hand. My machine is just barely capable of statin stitching so it was the only way haha! I quite enjoyed doing it, although I believe I did re-do a couple of these after I took the pictures. I had to opt for a slightly different way of doing the stitching on the hat applique though because it's so small. Since I can't alter the width of the statin stitch on my machine, I realised I could use the buttonhole stitch instead... so that's what I did! XD It was difficult and really isn't as tidy as I would like, but I did my best to clean it up be hand :)

Planning & Research


MCM London is barely over and I have already begun planning my next cosplay for May 2020 (to be fair, it's a Final Fantasy character, I'm gonna need all the time I can get lol). Before starting work on Lightning properly, I wanted to replay the game, paying close attention to her outfit as I go. Already, barely over an hour in to gameplay, I noticed that when her Gunblade is in sword form, her Gunblade sheath/holster disappears. I'm not sure just yet if I want to include that, especially if it isn't necessary, but I'm glad to know that it's no big deal if I end up not making it.

Seiren 2.0


After my planned cosplay fell through two days before the convention, I decided to redo my Seiren cosplay. For this version of her, I found a skirt that more closely matched the colour of the blazer, as well as using a pair of Scarecrow 'Love Bite' fangs. I also wore lilac contacts which, although comfortable, didn't work that well on my blue eyes. I think this is the last time I'll be doing Seiren - I may still use this cosplay for Rima and Yuki one day - but I had a lot of fun with this character!

Hair Colours


For the two tone wig I ordered a Deep Purple Kitt wig and Purple wefts from Coscraft. Replaced the bottom two rows at the back with Purple wefts and added extra Purple wefts up the sides and along the underside of the front so the whole underneath of the wig is the brighter colour.



The main belt is made of buckram wrapped in the grey suiting from earlier. The brown holster belt is cut down from an old bag strap that happened to be the right width for some dungaree clips which hook over the belt studs. The belt studs are jean button rivets. Originally they were going to be attached onto the front panel, but they stuck out too far and let the dungaree clips jiggle around. To shorten them they now pass through holes in the front panel and one is attached to the main belt, the other is attached to a scrap of leatherette glued over the back of the front panel with a fastener on the other side so the belt can easily undo.

Dress done


Its really amazing how a few alterations can really transform a look of a dress. Looks nothing like the £13 dress I orignally purchase. I have reused my broaches and belt clasp from my first attempt at this costume that I made a few years ago. The purple belt and dress detail is made from a large scarf I purchased from a charity shop for £2. The plunge neckline is not quite as disney designed, but I think it suits Megara's personality more.

Wig part 1


This week I have been working on Megara's wig. I brought some hair extentions that matched my originals wigs colour and sewned them into the fringe of the wig creating more volume on length. Needs some styling but already a vast improvement on my orignal wig. As her ponytail is a clip in extention my next job is too add volume and length using the same method.

Detailing on sheath


Added some detail on to the sheath yayyyyy



Found this gorgeous gradient chiffon fabric to make her robes with. Took a long time to cut out and colour match it all but got there in the end.

Coming together!


Next I painted the pieces and glued them together. You'll notice I changed the colours from what they were in my original design – I think this looks much better, and the black base will clash less with the rest of the outfit! All that's left is to seal it all and add the velcro closure.

Assembling the components


The next step was to cut and assemble all the belt pieces, some of which you can see here. The letters are laser-cut wood, which I bought cheaply from a seller on eBay. All the foam pieces also had their edges sanded down to look smoother.


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