Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.


White Tigress

Today I printed the asterisks on her shirt and transferred the design onto freezer paper and had a lot of fun painting it :) The headphones have been painted.

I Put on the Boots and Kicked Some Monster Ass


I actually planned to do Ed a couple of years ago, so unearthed the boots from then. They are miraculously still in great shape and I don't have to do anything other than re-glue the trim. I bought a pair of motorcycle boots off of Ebay, specifically because they were the right shape and had the buckle and straps already. They also feel heavy to wear, like automail would, so I think Ed would approve. Once they'd arrived, I cut down the centre to make the slits of Ed's shoes, then lined the whole top part with black fabric, which I painted with acrylic black paint to look darker and blend with the shoe better. I then spent many days painting and repainting the red soles using at least 10 layers of red leather shoe paint. I'm really happy with them, and can't wait to see how they'll look once the rest of the costume comes together!

I suck at keeping a journal


Dress is almost complete! I just need to adjust and hem the armholes, add the shoulder frill and put the neckband on the halter c: I'm so excited to wear this for Japan Expo, and then finish it off properly for Sunnycon c: I feel inordinately cute in this dress!

First time using resin!


To make Martin's necklace, I wanted to have an excuse to try using resin for the first time. After I had bought all I needed, I actually cut out a section in a mold (it was there so you could put a necklace change through it but I didn't want a hole in the piece), used a resin red pigment dye to mix with the resin, and I was ready to go. It was hard to avoid some tiny air bubbles, but I was happy in the end! I created the base out of fimo (wish I used air dry clay instead but oh well) and then used resin again as a sealant. I WISH the mould I had was a diamond shape, so it had the 3D surface like the references suggest, but I didn't have the extra funds to get more molds. The molds I had I had got ages ago from eBay and I like to keep my budgets as low as possible.



started off with the mask. made with foam and a lot of modge podge even before painting it and then more after painting. I quite like the way that the mask turned out when it was finished and it feels comfortable to wear so I can that it is done and time to move onto the next part.

Completed Gun!


I worked all night and managed to complete the piece. Unfortunately the tank won't be done in time but I can sort it out for next time!



Not long to go now. Doubting I'll even get the gun complete In time!!

Can I Sleep Now LOL

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

Think I'm up to scratch with everything now and finally got the cosplay were I want it to be, but now I do need sleep other wise I will over lay and miss the train in the morning. I do hope this find some use for people and thanks for taking the time to read my journey progress.

Last Minuit Preps And Tweeks

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

Okies last minuit preps and tweeks. I think I have finally got to were I wanted the cosplay to be, it took it’s time but I got there. Everything laid out ready for the morning. (Part 2 of 2)

Last minute improvements

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

I know I started to lack things a bit caught up with life or forgetting, but managed to sort improvements last moment night before. Such as the shoes and buttons. The shoes I cut away the barrier that holded the shoes together tidying it up making the shoes look more how they should be for Kurisu. The buttons thanks to my nan found a pair that was right for the cuffs of the shirt I modded. (Part 1 of 2)



Ready for the silicone mould, will be using expanding foam.

making Helemt


made a pattern for the helmet, now making it out of foam

Other options?

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

I still consider thinking even then if to do or alter something with the top later on or not that came with the costume? But may consider the same colour ribbon but a bit better quality and less fray.

It got me think to change or Improve

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

Hmmm. Well not sure when finished to wear this shirt or the one came with the costume. Wanted to make it looks like the reference. And was thinking of doing this after YCC, but managed to find what I need thanks for market halls and charity shop. Shirt from Oxfam Ribbon from Alfreton Market Hall. Might not look great but try best. It is all tacked, but needs sewing on machine but can’t till gotten purple thread. Was going to have this shirt for MCM October 2019. But have to decide soon if to leave this out till after YCC. Improvements One.

Change of Ties

Valentine Cosplay Gaming

The tie that came with the costume was ok but still... the zip system made me worry. Lucky while working at BHF well volunteering managed to find the tie. Thought this would be better use.

Some progress


Slow going, but I have my start. I hope it works out!!


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