Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

New Variant and Resin Clay


Time for an upgrade! It felt wrong making my character in anything I don't have in the game and we'll be cosplaying with our FC at FanFest so I decided to do the awful caster robe I spent half the game wearing variants of. To make it more interesting I'm going to make some accessories like the horn necklace and wrist wraps. The pendant is made of white resin clay from Coscraft mixed with brown acrylic before sculpting. Once the clay had dried I sanded a couple of uneven areas before painting it in more brown acrylic and shading the details in black.

Cutting Fabrics


So tonight I've started transferring the patterns over to the actual fabric I'm using! Starting with the top half as it needs the least amount of altering. Have already cut the pieces and added the extra strip of material down the front, complimenting it with a slightly darker bias binding tape :)

Mock up completed!


So seeing as this is a personal project to strengthen my skills, I actually made a mock up! I never do this X3 But it has taught me lots of things, such as there's multiple way to do the elasticated bands on the legs and what part of my stitches I need to improve ^^ There's a few little tweaks I need to make (such as making it a whole size smaller!) Otherwise we're good to go on the actual fabric :D



Minigun has had a all the wiring done and the barrels now spin, just a cotton undersuit needed to add the armour pannels to

Make up test 1


Quick make up test for my Toriel cosplay. I like how it turned out for being pretty quick and my first time working on it. Got a couple things i wanna try work on and some things i want to add but couldn't because i didn't have what i needed. Not gonna be using the wig in this photo with the costume but its all i had to work with



All items have arrived but just need altering! The skirt and jumper both need shortening and the patches need to be ironed onto the jumper. The wig is slightly different to her hair in the episode however, I am not confident in my wig styling skills so it will have to do!


White Tigress

So yeah...was almost done for Ame but the shoes left me with a toe injury a few days before the con and will need a new pair :(

Trousers Made!


So I had to prep for nightshifts... which meant staying up all night... so I did the usual thing and made a pair of trousers. Of course! Fairly simple, elastic waistband, white detailing at the bottom. Tried to make sure they would allow for movement for martial arts poses, so they aren't super well fitted but they fit well enough. And of course I added nice deep pockets because I AM POCKET OBSESSED.

Wig and Headband


Finally styled the wig... which has been sat around for two years... I'm not very good at wigs yet but every one is more practice! Also made the white zigzag headband, which I attempted before but have re-done with a much simpler design.



Was originally going to go with pink tights but opted for white instead. Most items were bought, daisies will be iron on patches.



etc etc etc


Bean S├Čth Cosplay

While not a big part of the costume, my fabric for my BoS jumpsuit arrived last week and it's just what I need. This will cover all of the suit and the hood for my head. I just need to source webbing, tubing, plastic board for some of the metal pieces and actual metal hardware for some of the pieces. Foam is on the way so a music nerves and excitement to start on that. Lastly and perhaps the most ridiculous thing, eyebrows. I had pretty skinny brows so those got grown out a bit to shape as they need to be a bit more feminine and also look right for my face as I'm sticking with them now! The red hair is going as I haven't been my natural dark brown in a few years, so while not black like Danse, black dye looks so off anyway, it saves having a wig and more insulation attached to me.

Progress Updates - Mask Animations/Weightloss Goals


This cosplay is going to be a slow burn and not something I can just whip up in a week. Mask Animations: Speaking with some friends who are quite savvy in ElSheets/ElInk and LED sheets. The goal is to have the mask animate, whether it be a cycling animation or something more technical, like a set amount of images that would change depending on my jaw position. Its gonna be a lot of work but hopefully worth it. Weight Loss Goals: This is something I'm doing regardless and not because of cosplay - however, I'm a firm believer in goals and this cosplay is no doubt a huge weight loss goal for me. Therefore some progress like the pants won't be started on until certain goals are met

Mostly there!


I'm slowly but surely getting there! I just need to attach the linings to the dress, hat and cape, then add the trim c:

Trial wear and improvements

White Tigress

Gonna leave this as in-progress until I am satisfied but I really enjoyed wearing this. Sadly when I got as far as I did it was 6am and had a train to catch in a few hours so I just left it there. For my next wear I will need to; add the white applique to the shoulders, redo the wrist cuffs, add the hoops and gold buttons and reshape the sleeves. I am super proud of everything else :)

Outfit Progress


I had been wanting to cosplay Isabelle for a few years now but found it difficult to get a hold of a gingham fabric print that matched her own. I could've purchased fabric from Spoonflower, where people had created her fabric pattern as a print available to buy, but I didn't have room in my budget for that amount of accuracy. To keep the costs low, I hunted for a gingham printed shirt on eBay to use as a base, where I then attached a bottle green fleece fabric via bondaweb around the collar (which I cut into the correct shape beforehand), down the front and for the fake pockets. The top original had buttons, to I cut each one off and handstitched in their place to the vest kept its shape. The shirt I already had, and the bow was this lovely ribbon from Hobbycraft which I burnt the edges to avoid fraying. I bought two large white buttons and glued them onto the vest, while also making a few stitches to secure them in place.


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