Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

Arm Progress: Forearm


Here I have the base of the forearm completed, ready for priming and painting - both the upper and lower sections are made from craft foam, velcroed together for ease (although once stuck together, I can easily just slide it on snuggly). Under the grill section I stuck some thick white card just large enough to go under the gaps.

That was tricky


I got the clasp to work symmetrically~

Acrylic, water, patience


Darkened the cogs to blend them with the studs.

Slow progress


As this 3D modelling shiz is a whole new area of making to learn, it will be slow progress. But I will post updates so you can see my creation slowly come together XD At least I have all the main clothing parts done =)

Belt strap

White Tigress

I had some eyelets, and PVC fabric left over from Fox last year which is perfect for her belt strap. Really simple and relaxing to make :)

3D modelling progress


Getting there XD



I actually made this last summer, but realised I haven't posted it here. My Bokoblin shield. Made of EVA foam (2mm and 12mm), insulation foam, and a couple of luckless leather belts)

From the start to now!


After playing Breath of the Wild and falling in love, I knew I had to do a Link costume. I toyed with making the tunic etc. by hand, but after some trail runs I realised that me and sewing machine do not get on, so I cheated, and bought the soft parts! (please ignore the messy bedroom shot!)

Got a helmet!


As I have basically zero skill when it comes to building helmets, I knew from the start this was going to be a purchased part of this costume. I've spent quite some time looking at kits (vac-formed, resin, fibreglass, etc.), and was about to dump some £200+ into it... then I saw that Hasbro were releasing a Black Series Luke Skywalker helmet, for ~£100! Got one, and it's awesome! Decals have been ordered, and I'm currently toying with different paint schemes for the re-paint it'll need.

An update thus far


So, unable to find template for the MKVI armour I wanted, I've modified existing MKVII (and in a couple of cases, created my own custom templates), which has allowed me to get the main construction done for the chest/abdomen, belt/cod, upper arms, and lower arms. I've also experimented with wrapping the armour sections with a thinner 5mm foam to give it a smoother look, which - whilst fiddly - has been largely a success, and something I'll be doing for all my EVA armour builds in future!

Mary Sanderson


Costume finished finally

Hand Base Complete!


Third attempt and finally have the hand fully structured and ready for painting. The finger pieces are actually glued to the actual glove so that they remain in place for the convention. I need to buy a few buttons to act as fake screws but, other than that, the hand is complete and ready to paint. Tomorrow I'll be working on the forearm and upper arm.



So I'm planning on 3D printing my weapons, which means I need to learn how to 3D model things... Dang it's hard!! You'd think it's an easier route, but it's really not. More time consuming, and a lot more work has to go in to it. I've managed a shape which kinda looks like a dagger sheath. Luckily, the character's weapons are meant to be hand carved anyway, so this gives me some allowance with imperfection!!



First attempt at wig. The drill curls I was trying to do have not worked out this time so I will be curling the wig I have and hope to update it another in the future.



Almost finished the main parts. Just got to add some trim to the jacket and ribbon in the sleeves

The shirt's done!


Just needs a couple of stitches to fix that rucking.


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