Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

And below the equator sorted.


Should all match when polished up :)

Base leo.


As I'm not shameless enough to rock Pee Gee's infamous 'boob window' I've glazed it with translucent latex.

Adding a catsuit.





So. I'm not a big fan of the Marvel universe but I have this coat and these heels anyway and I thought 'Hey, that could be a base for a Scarlet Witch' mash-up.'

Suit and gloves


The gloves look darker than they really are in this pic, they're actually olive green and match the 'bodice'. I'm probably going make ivy-leaf garters and cuffs at some point.

Killer heels


Green glitter ombré stripper heels, absolute femme fatale footwear if ever I saw it. My take on Ivy isn't subtle :)



Emeralds, the finest that Ebay can sell.



If this doesn't say 'poison' I don't know what does.

Cape Mk 1


It took a while to get the cut to drape right, capes aren't as easy to make as they look. I've since added a stand-up collar and started adding ivy leaves.




Necklace update


Photo from my necklace maker! Can't wait to get the finished product ❤

Mini cape


Following the afore mentioned kimono disaster, I used up some of the fabric from that to make a short 3/4 circle capelet for this instead and I'm so glad I did! I lined it with the pretty blue shimmery viscose I bought for the kimono, put silvery bias and beaded curtain trim around the bottom and sewed fancy buttons onto the front to hook a chain loop over to fasten it. The result is so cute c: At some point i'm going to unpick the front and put in some curtain weights to help it sit better and not move around so much but I'm really really happy with the result

Crown and necklace 2


The first attempts at these are now in the bin :c I made them with foam and worbla, then painted them with gold leaf paint and used yacht varnish to get them nice and shiny. Something went very wrong in transit (chipped and scratched and went patchy???) so I revarnished them at my friend's house. That also went very wrong so I used some enamel to try to even the whole lot out. BIG MISTAKE Enamel and varnish are not friends. They will fight. They will eat each other. Don't put them together. Soooo in the new year I'm remaking them from scratch :c

Make up test


First try with the paint and wig~~ Wiggins unstyled as of yet but pretty happy with the make up!!



Somehow I managed to complete this cosplay in time for MCM! The sleeves need redoing to make them comfortable, but I used some leftover fairy organza from Cheese to get the pretty sparkle effect, and made the bardot neckline from heavily interfaced duchess satin

This Is the Hunt


I really loved wearing this Clary, even though the runes were a right pain to apply and ended up rubbing off halfway through the convention anyway. I had her screen accurate trousers and found a cool blue jacket on sale in Zara. I think I'm happy with Clary now, I don't feel the need to cosplay her again if I'm honest.


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