Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

Wig Assembled


The wig bangs are styled up into retro points with Got2B spray and a hairdryer and the fin wire is poked through the wig cap and curled in a circle to form a base against my head. The fin is bigger than planned because I didn't account for the hair added on top. Templates need to be a bit undersized if trying this again.

Face It Later: Makeup


I already had a lot of makeup suitable for Lightning, but my order came this morning for the bits I didn't have - Lightning's makeup is very simple and basic, but the key will be changing the look of my face to suit her more triangular and flawless one! I will be following Alyson Tabbitha's tutorial closely, but using makeup available in the UK to save on cost. The makeup I will be using is: a number of shades from the Jeffree Star 'Blue Blood' palette; the Sedona Lace Contour & Highlight palette; Eylure natural lashes No.003; Collection's Shimmer Shade's blush palette in 'Blushalicious'; Natural Collection clear nail polish; Stila eyeliner pen in 'Intense Black'; Sleek lipliner in 'Friend Zone'; Natural Collection eyeliner in 'Soft Brown' and 'Brown'; Covergirl lip stain 445; Revolution concealer; NYX lipliner in 'Mauve'; e.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow palette in 'Beautiful Browns'; L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara; Revlon foundation, and Natural Collection lip gloss in 'Antique Rose'. Once the wig is styled, I'll do a whole makeup test to see how it looks <3

Hair Fin


I've never done any structural wig work before. A hair fin....where to start? I dug through the stash and found 2mm craft foam and felt sheets in a similar purple to the wig. The felt was thinner so I went with felt sandwiched over a wire as the base structure. Next the felt shape was covered in wig hair. I really struggled with this, the hair just wasn't sticking to the felt, tangling up and forming lots of white glue spots. At this point I went back to the internet and found this tutorial by Cowbutt Crunchies - https://www.patreon.com/posts/wig-styling-with-12510151 The problem was I wasn't using enough glue so it was drying too quickly to shape; slapping on lots of glue made it much easier. Though I'll have to live with the frizzy bits still in there from the first attempt, I feel a lot less scared of wig work!

Wig done


Finally finished the wig for Megara this week. Just by adding some extra long wefts to the pony tail has really added the length and volume I was after. Just needs some final styling around the fringe, but shes good to go. Now just need to make sure I really secure this beast to my head. Manage to transform my orignal Megara wig into a pretty impressive beastfor under £11.00 by sewing in wefts from hair extensions. The whole remake of my Megara cosplay has come in at a massive £26.39.

PeeGee belt


OK, it should really be red but I think it'll work well enough.



I found these trainers with internal wedge heels but they look enormous on. But perhaps that's a good thing, kind of cartoony?

Kitka's restaurant uniform WIP


My OC Tabbie, a waitress in a Catgirl themed restaurant.

And below the equator sorted.


Should all match when polished up :)

Base leo.


As I'm not shameless enough to rock Pee Gee's infamous 'boob window' I've glazed it with translucent latex.

Adding a catsuit.





So. I'm not a big fan of the Marvel universe but I have this coat and these heels anyway and I thought 'Hey, that could be a base for a Scarlet Witch' mash-up.'

Suit and gloves


The gloves look darker than they really are in this pic, they're actually olive green and match the 'bodice'. I'm probably going make ivy-leaf garters and cuffs at some point.

Killer heels


Green glitter ombré stripper heels, absolute femme fatale footwear if ever I saw it. My take on Ivy isn't subtle :)



Emeralds, the finest that Ebay can sell.



If this doesn't say 'poison' I don't know what does.

Cape Mk 1


It took a while to get the cut to drape right, capes aren't as easy to make as they look. I've since added a stand-up collar and started adding ivy leaves.


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