Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.

Wig - Prestyled

White Tigress

Been looking up tutorials in preparation for when I have time to style this. The wig is a Lily in Natural Black. Considered Darkest Blue as his hair has a blue tint but to be honest black would suit the colour scheme better I think.



I forgot to post progress here, so here's one WIP shot just after I finished most of the costume for documentary purposes.

This was my first time working with real leather to this extent, I think. The gloves and collar parts were real leather and I think the investment really paid off!

As for the dress... I topstitched all the seams on it by hand because I thought that'd look more correct. I had a lot of trouble attaching the collar to the dress for some reason, I initially wanted to topstitch the leather parts was well but it was too thick. Alas.

Still.... I'm pretty happy with this outfit otherwise! Just need to do the embroidery on the sleeves because I ran out of time to do it before fanfest.

Wig and make up test

White Tigress

Alex in Ginger :)

Shuriken part 2

White Tigress

Since my last entry I have been on and off due to other commitments (I dont even have a deadline for this so I am in no hurry) but I had made the dumb mistake of putting paper mache directly on the eva foam so its pretty flimsy and kept warping. I done some looking around and found that putting masking tape helps and I done that. Just 1 layer alone really helped straighten and strengthen it. I need more tape to do the rest but its giving me a better clue how it might end up. The black fabric for the romper arrived and being thinner than I thought I'd deffo need to line the entire thing so brought some more in white. I was hoping for a bit more stretch to it so I just need to remember to make it lose. I done some looking to how I can put it on and canonically there is a side zipper. The forehead protector is on its way. Applique has never been my forte so I am considering giving vinyl transfers a try <3 I need to think about how to do the wig as I had never styled anything like this before.

Make up demo


I'm very excited to have finally tried out my makeup for this cosplay. This is a look I want everyday, damn it! Just need to build that hobby horse and we're ready to shoot. And I only noticed that I left my septum in until it was too late to take another selfie hahaaaaa~ 8D

Shuriken part 1

White Tigress

I had some time free and some supplies to spare so I had made a paper prototype and was very pleased with the first go so I had mounted it all on eva foam and used sandpaper to help ensure everything is exactly the shape and size I was aiming for. Still floppy as heck, but its about half my body height. Some funny selfies were sent to friends as popping it on my head makes me look like a squid :P I much perfect the colour scheme to his chunin exam outfit. I am a bit unsure whether to make it into a 2 piece or follow the canon design but either way I have a blueprint in my head for either :)

Under Robe


And here's the hooded cape over the robe. Kuma already had this LARP cape which is perfect, so I'm borrowing it for the cosplay.

Under Robe


This is the robe to go underneath the cape. I would have made a sleeveless beige robe, but the cape I'm borrowing is sleeveless so this monstrosity was created instead! Luckily the store that makes the cape also sold spare fabric for alterations, so I was able to get a match for the brown canvas. The body is a good foot too long so that it can be tied up with an overhang at the waist. The strip of bias tape is casing for a drawstring that ties at the side.

Shiny shiny Sonic armour

Mighty Odango

I got more comments and queries than I could count at Hibana about how shiny my armour was! It actually came about partly because I am a lazy lazy bum. I hate priming foam or worbla to the extent it needs for a nice smooth metal-like finish because it takes so LONG and painting/prop stuff is my least favourite thing to do in cosplay. I was wondering about a way I could get a nice finish without having to spend hours, and I eventually hit upon the idea of using mirror foil - the stuff you put on windows to give them a mirror effect. It was perfect for Sonic's armour because it's all single planes. I used PETG plastic as a base (except for one piece, which was worbla, which I then decided against). The foil is flexible enough to curve in a single direction. It did suffer some bubbling on the shoulder armour pieces because I shaped them before applying the foil, so it was awkward to apply - not sure if applying foil first would work better or not. The dome detailing is studs designed for the bottom of handbags and most of it fastens with heavy duty press studs. I also used a hack on the scarf. My intention was to do a rolled hem, but I was having an argument with the rolled hem foot on my machine and eventually said "f*** it" and just cut/sealed the edges using a pyrography tool; since it was a synthetic fabric it worked perfectly and gave the scarf a great flow unhindered by hems.

First time appliquing!


I decided to use an applique technique for the diamond panels ^^ I've never actually done this before so it was a learning curve! The material that has been used for the diamonds is left over heavy duty cotton from Combat Medic Ziegler. I bonded it to the trouser panels then stitched it in place! I hid the stitching with the golden trim which I hand stitched in place ^^ super proud of how it looks!

Part 1~


I've just been paid and decided to treat myself early to a wig and another item for my D.va cosplay which I'd ideally love to do for May comic con. I'm going to be ordering the suit real soon too, I need to check measurements bc I'm ridiculously short but also phat lmao + the headset.


White Tigress

I looked through my stash and found some white jersey and some black stretch fabric so thats the shorts and crop top settled. I just done a round on ebay and ordered some fabric paint, socks, headphones, glasses and freezer paper.

Wrist Wraps


The rings are from a convenient belt of linked rings. They only came with two connectors so I added a third with a large jump ring and made the straps from red elastic.

Stenciling and Painting


Do you ever start something and think 'urgh why was this a good idea?!' ^^; So I've finished making my stencil and patterning out the design on the fabric, now it's panting time! This is gonna be a lengthy process and probably take me in to the new year ^^;

Parka jacket get!

White Tigress

A size bigger for extra cushie cush ^^ I might end up wearing it as normal wear someday ^^



The bead was varnished then strung together with wooden beads and a couple of metal spacers and fastened with the clasp from an old necklace.


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