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What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.



A MONSTER 3 layers of 3 tiers: a 5m tulle/glitter tulle tier, a 10m tulle/glitter tulle tier, and a 20m sparkle organza tier hemmed with satin bias and fishing wire It took over 100 hours and I've sacrificed everything I own to glitter... but it's DONE



I have had too much fun telling people that I painted a skirt to look like cheese xD but it's true! It's a full circle skirt made of 100% cotton and painted with Trimits fabric paint on both sides of each half. Waiting on some horsehair braid to hem it with.

outfit idea


overall idea for the outfit i'm thinking of, kind of punk and goth.

Mask 1

White Tigress

I have no self control when I have Worbla and scissors in front of me XD Masks are so easy to make!!!!! The necklace has been ordered too.

Almost complete


Almost complete!


White Tigress

I have been thinking back about what I would like to improve on for Pomex :) A new wig-I dont mind losing a bit of accuracy as I think Ill feel better with fuller bangs. New boots-I was suffering from a foot injury and had to discard the original red boots due to this. I want something comfier. Side belts-Not a task you will wanna do at 5am XD Lacing- Again, 5am isnt a good time for this xD Shirt- Gonna so something so the seams wont appear through the fabric. Might look into just sewing all the visible white into the costume and removing anything that wont be seen. Coat- I always liked her White Mage coat so its just a nice little extra to wear in the cooler months :)

Sun hat finished!


I am so proud of this hat -^^- Even if the rest of this project turns out naff - the hat is a winner! So here's a step by step picture guide from reference, to wire cage, building up the hat! :D

The Beginning!


I just wanted to make a post to say that I've officially made a start here! I've got my first lot of fabric on order for the beige/yellow parts of the outfit as well as some chiffon for the sleeves. Once Coscraft has their next restock I can also get my wig, too!

Wig and head peices


Today I tested how the wig and head peices worked together. I need to attach the head bit properly as I just pinned it here but so far so good I think lol

Staff wip


I'm not majorly proud of the staff but it's getting worked on and isn't too bad considering I don't have a 3d printer or the funds to commission lol



Here are the gloves! Since I'm going him before his white fluffy face reveal I needed to have 'shadowed hands when I need to use them so this was my solution nails too as every monster needs claws lol

Wings wip


Ignore how they are sitting this isn't my final harness it's actually a sports top I was wearing lol I thought it would just let me see how the wings looked on me. They aren't fully glued here but they are now and are waiting for be painted and sorted with the harness. Not bad for basically free wings using what I had laying around lol



I bought a suitable necklace from an Etsy seller, LostToThePoppy and swapped the chain for a leather cord.

It was challenging to figure out the bracelets on the right wrist, even after taking as many cutscene screenshots as I could I’m not entirely certain of it. I liked Koumori no Hime's (https://www.koumorinohime.com/single-post/2019/02/10/Kingdom-Hearts-3-Kairi-Cosplay-Tutorial) interpretation of the pink beaded bracelet so I followed the same tutorial (http://blog.consumercrafts.com/jewelry-main/beaded-diy-wrap-bracelet/) and did my best to knot the ends accurately and add a large faceted bead and star charm at the closure.

The other bracelet is more simple – it’s pearl beads with a single star bead and a few other beads either side of the star which were my best guess at accuracy. I wanted to use elastic cord for it but the cord I had was too wide to fit through the beads so I had to use non-stretch thread which unfortunately means I had to include a clasp.

This was one of these projects where I was coming home every day to loads of different little parcels since I was getting some of the beads from one source, others from somewhere else, buckles off ebay etc. etc. and I must have spent ages hunting all of these components down!



The cuff for the left wrist is silver leatherette and a I bought the studs and buckle on ebay. I did the innermost line of topstitching before setting in the studs since I wouldn’t be able to get the sewing machine foot close enough afterwards. I did the outer line of stitching after I lined it. I chose felt for the lining to ensure there’d be a decent layer covering the prongs of the studs. This photo was taken before lining.



I bought the pattern from AnhCosplay on Etsy. I Iove sewing, but am less enthusiastic about drafting patterns and endless iterations to try to perfect them, so having a lot of the work done for me was ideal. Despite having a custom pattern for a change, it was still only a starting point. I made a mock-up to adjust the fit, proportions and figure out construction. My approach also did diverge from the pattern at times - as shown here, I adjusted the front yokes to make the black sections larger and to create inset corners for the accurate pink outline there.



More armour wip


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