Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.


White Tigress

ok its been a while since I made an update on this costume. For starters, it is still in progress and have been slowly adding to it over time :) I THINK I have all the supplies to get this done and she and Princess Tutu are on the top of the work list as I have a lot more free time thanks to current events. I pushed her back from Hibana due to personal reasons, and it was meant to be for MCM Birmingham this weekend. The gloves and bootcovers are patterned and needs restitching with matching thread. The wig is being redone completly as there were issues with the dyes and had made a big mess of it. The bodysuit is a dress with a white panel on the front. The belt and tail have been almost done for a while and I really like how the appique turned out :D


Seiken Cosplay

Progress on my howl jacket so far, from a lovely pile of materials to the basic shape of the jacket done. The bulk of this is done now, just got to chip away at the hand sewing. Which takes so much damn time



IT IS DONE 3 months of embroidery during my work commute finally complete I'm so happy with how this came out, working out the pattern for it drove me mad! My only issue is that the hood is non-functional ;;

Patterning - Chemise


It took some trial and error to get the sleeves sorted out but I'm finally happy with how this is looking. Next step - taking it all apart again!

Character board


The gold-striped fabric is going to have to be custom made and I think I've found some suitable alternatives for the under-skirt and bodice. It appears that a cold-shoulder style chemise is worn underneath, and I have some wine-coloured linen in inventory that should do the job. https://thenightsofnym.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/character-board-avexis-300dpi-original.png

Gloves v.1


I crocheted a pair of gloves (as I'm not a fan of leather ones) adapting a pattern I found in a magazine! They're a bit big for me so I may redo them in the future but for now these will work c: Yarn is Hayfield Bonus Glitter in navy, hooks used were a 4mm and a 3.5mm

Face makeup


The face was done by blocking in the eyelids with black eyeliner pencil and then the rest of the large eye shapes added by Snazaroo black face paint. For the blue eyes I coloured in blue circles and black pupils using felt tip, then cut them out using a circle cutter. They were held on my eyelids with masking tape made into double sided. The brow crease and cheek bone lines were also added with black eye liner pencil and some brown eyeshadow added.

Belt buckle


I'm sure I took some pics of progress making this. When I find where I saved them I will stick them up here. Anyway, to make the buckle I first traced the design off my pc onto a sheet of A4 paper and then neatened up the drawing with a ruler and set squares. I then transferred the base shape and letter A onto a sheet of thick ABS plastic and cut them out with a junior hacksaw blade and sharp hobby knife. Then I cut some square section plastic to make the raised border and just superglued these pieces on. Finally I glued a wide bridge of plastic on the back for my belt to slide through. This is how it holds on. Finally painted all over with silver hobby paint. Not the best paint job, but I was rushing.

Blazefire Saber: Prologue


Yesterday, I decided to start work on what is absolutely going to be the hardest part of this costume - Lightning's Blazefire Saber. Like all weapons in FF, it's big and complex. As I have zero artistic talent, and am very new to weapon-making, I found a detailed plan for the weapon on Etsy. I sized this to scale and printed it out - it's around 120cm in total. To get my head around the different pieces and layers of the blade, I then coloured in each individual section I could see. My plan now is to print out an A4 size version of the blade and look at various references to see which parts are the same section, are raised/flat, and what colours each part are and use this as a go-to guide when making the blade. And then... construction!

The trim is on


This took a while to get right

DEADLINE: Minamicon 2020


Of course I went down with the lurgy in the only 3 weeks I had free to work on cosplay before Hibanacon. Of course I did. Thank you compromised immune system... If I don't have this finished by March 2020, Angelphie officially has permission to publicly shame me for my many failures. I literally just need to sew the skirt and jacket together now. it's not hard, but apparently I hate sewing now. Brain, why?

Blinded By Light: Contacts


The contacts I ordered finally came today! Although I have blue eyes, Lightning's are definitely more grey and I wanted to be as accurate as possible - I also need contacts anyway, and prefer coloured ones as it's easier for my terrible eyesight to see when removing them lol. I went with the EOS DollyEye Grey contacts, which proved tricky to hunt down as they seem to be being discontinued or rebranded. It was also really hard to get some not only in my prescription, but also in a mixed prescription that wouldn't charge you extra. I found these at an Australian based store online, slightly cheaper than they would have cost at Pinky Paradise or Uniqso. Next on the list - the blade.

Wig Styling


The wig is a Coscraft Yoji in Pale Ash Blonde. Heat styled into a zig-zag side parting and trimmed up in front then tied in a ponytail.

Wig Assembled


The wig bangs are styled up into retro points with Got2B spray and a hairdryer and the fin wire is poked through the wig cap and curled in a circle to form a base against my head. The fin is bigger than planned because I didn't account for the hair added on top. Templates need to be a bit undersized if trying this again.

Face It Later: Makeup


I already had a lot of makeup suitable for Lightning, but my order came this morning for the bits I didn't have - Lightning's makeup is very simple and basic, but the key will be changing the look of my face to suit her more triangular and flawless one! I will be following Alyson Tabbitha's tutorial closely, but using makeup available in the UK to save on cost. The makeup I will be using is: a number of shades from the Jeffree Star 'Blue Blood' palette; the Sedona Lace Contour & Highlight palette; Eylure natural lashes No.003; Collection's Shimmer Shade's blush palette in 'Blushalicious'; Natural Collection clear nail polish; Stila eyeliner pen in 'Intense Black'; Sleek lipliner in 'Friend Zone'; Natural Collection eyeliner in 'Soft Brown' and 'Brown'; Covergirl lip stain 445; Revolution concealer; NYX lipliner in 'Mauve'; e.l.f Flawless Eyeshadow palette in 'Beautiful Browns'; L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga Mega Volume mascara; Revlon foundation, and Natural Collection lip gloss in 'Antique Rose'. Once the wig is styled, I'll do a whole makeup test to see how it looks <3

Hair Fin


I've never done any structural wig work before. A hair fin....where to start? I dug through the stash and found 2mm craft foam and felt sheets in a similar purple to the wig. The felt was thinner so I went with felt sandwiched over a wire as the base structure. Next the felt shape was covered in wig hair. I really struggled with this, the hair just wasn't sticking to the felt, tangling up and forming lots of white glue spots. At this point I went back to the internet and found this tutorial by Cowbutt Crunchies - https://www.patreon.com/posts/wig-styling-with-12510151 The problem was I wasn't using enough glue so it was drying too quickly to shape; slapping on lots of glue made it much easier. Though I'll have to live with the frizzy bits still in there from the first attempt, I feel a lot less scared of wig work!


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