Progress Journals

What do we love? Costumes! But what do we love even more? Seeing people making them! Here are the most recent progress updates from those working away on their costumes.



I didn't take many progress photos for this costume unfortunately since I was initially rushing to try to finish it for Nine Worlds, but have this one taken just before I attached the sleeves.

Gloves and Bootcovers


All snaps in, I just had all the fiddly aspects of the gloves to finish up at this stage.



My snap production line for the gloves and boots. I didn’t want to sew on buttons all over this costume and I also don’t like how shank buttons tend to look when they’re only decorative – they don’t sit properly – so I bought a heap of gold snaps on ebay and just set in the top halves.

All the lycra on the costume has its shiniest side facing outwards, but for a slight contrast on the plackets I used the more matte reverse. To create the appearance of the button fastenings, I bought some red elastic and sewed on short lengths along the (interfaced) placket section, glued the other ends to gold snaps and set them in.



I patterned out a cover with some spare lycra, it just has simple centre front and back seams with the placket being the only complexity. The covers are hot glued to the inside of the boots and as they go over the soles of the boots, I glued on some stick-on shoe soles.



The boots I covered were an ebay find, they have a large elastic section on the side so there’s no need to unzip them to be able to easily pull them on and off.



I shaped craft foam over a ball (actually a stress ball balanced in a mug) with a heat gun to create the domed shape then cut out the star to stick on top. The photo shows it being primed with layers of pva glue before I painted it.

More trim


All nearly done now. Just finishing the bottom edges.

Re starting


A few years back before we moved. I made some fabric intestines, I liked them but only had a small bit of fabric. I also made a dress which I think I cut up for another costume. Today i hunted it all out. The dress has gone. The intestines i still love the idea of and as for the cheap craft masks I was going to use as a base... Well... I have no idea when I did this but.. turns out I made the whole mask. I am trying to tidy it up but up close it really isn't the best of work. Might be ok once attached to my face and a ton of hair covering bits. Might decide to re make it. Also started the body mask( not sure what to call it) Either way i need another piece of foam. So its on hold a few more days. Later that evening, I put some of the foam together, and I didn't like the half body form so I am just going for a brest piece. Once I have some belts I may add in some more panels. This saves buying more foam for now.

Wish i had kept up with progress journl


In fact my whole account is out of date. So much not here

Alice Queensland Dress - Update


Even though the main body of the dress has been finished for a while, I still have a weapon to make! I will make a makeup demo for the cosplay but I'm so eager to get this done, you won't believe! I'll post another journal when I'm happy with the make up! :)

Achievement Unlocked: Shoes Completed


Babydoll's shoes are a Mary-Jane style black pair with a T-bar strap and chunky brown heels with brown detailing along the seams and edges. I found a near-identical pair of Mary-Jane T-Strap Clarkes shoes being sold on Vinted, and I bought Angelus acrylic leather paint in Black and Light Brown. I first painted the soles of the shoes and the inside of the straps black, before painting the heel and outlining the shoes and straps in the light brown. Pictured is the before and after shots of the shoes. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, but I might neaten up the brown edges closer to the convention.



So I managed it... I thought it'd be funny to make this image to show how far I've come? But also it's a bit embarrassing 😂 I don't know if I look that different. I'd like to remake the wig though.

getting there i guess


Just need to attach the skirt to the bodice and make sure that all fits ok..... and also sew on all the little pink flowers + ribbons on the bodice. The stupid scallopy things are kinda wonky but idc, it's still a bit better than my first attempt at this costume, i think. I haven't even touched the wig yet and we're flying to Finland on Thursday - i may just have to bs some hair buns real quick for the upcoming con and fix it properly for Hibana... also sorry for how messy my floor is lmfao



I think I have given myself a lot of work to do with these, oh well! Combination of paint and Embroidery.

Boot Covers


For the first cover I sewed the main lines before the black notch in the front and it came out a bit wonky as it’s hard to lay flat on the sewing machine. For the second cover I sewed the bottom line of the black notch first , then the main body and everything lined up easily! Took the time to unpick the first cover and try again sewing the notch first, no problem.



Concrunch time and I've made a lot of progress, but there's still plenty to do. I am currently trying to finish the embroidery patterns, I have about a dozen to finish and then I will need to properly sew all of them onto the poncho, belt and shorts (at the moment, they're only tacked on!) I love Amano's design for Gau, it's so wonderful and I love how the colours look together! If I have time I am still going to try and make a small Ultros, so I have bought some purple felt.


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