About Me

I now do commissions! The link to the facebook page to contact me on is in my contacts!

I like to amuse myself by pushing my boundries cosplay wise... I try it to see how far out my comfort zone i can go.

I likes a wide variety of character types... so i'll do say.. a hyperactive loon one moment... a serious, aggressive one, a geeky one and then a complete 'idiot' the next :P

i'll only commit myself to a cosplay if i know i like the character... research is always done first if i get one suggested :P

My plans are far bigger than my lil list on here... 100 plus to try to get round to... !

Other Profiles

Facebook? - ask me!
Skype - xxlilmisssakuraxx
Commission services: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tales-of-Cosplay/242896165833070?ref=hl