About Me

I started this whole thing with an ambitious project to make "one of the best alphnose elric armours around". while the final result wasn't as good as i hoped for, i was still happy with it, and the MCM expo judges decided to bestow upon me a 3rd place.

thus the bug bit me.

since then, i've spent virtually all my free time experimenting, making, learning and generally working towards making things that will hopefully amaze and inspire people to join this hobby and community.

i'm currently trying to move away from the "armour guru" status that was unintentionally bestowed upon me by working on some creatures.

Other Profiles

you can add me on AIM at xaerael MSN at xaerael@googlemail.com . As long as i'm not rushed off my feet busy, or asleep, i'm happy to chat and give tips on weapon and armour building.

you can also stalk me on my unloved LJ at xaerael, my DA at xaerael, infact if you go anywhere on the internet and find a xaerael, it's probbaly me. (or some weirdo pretending to be me ^^;; )


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