Personal Information

Name : Tara
Location : Not saying xD
Date of Birth : 8th March 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I am a weird/funny 17 year old who loves anime, manga, and cosplaying!
Pretty much I have no life which is quite funny to me but it bothers my parents that I love anime/manga so much.

Cosplay Bio

The reason why I started to cosplay was because I saw others do it in Japan and was like "Wow that would be so fun to do!!" and so I have been cosplaying for a little while.
My first real costume was Uchiha Sasuke at a con in Florida which was Metrocon and I plan on cosplaying there this year.

Contact Information

MSN- XxZetsu_Eats_MinaxX@hotmail.com
Yahoo- xHyuuga_Neji_Kunx