About Me

I did Lelouch because I love code geass and he is the best, lelouch is my signature cosplay.
I did Kaito because I did not see many people doing he and I like the top.
I did Ikuto (black lynxs) because i'm friend wanted me to do Ikuto school, so I did black lynxs to piss her off. (it did not work)
I did Ed because he was i'm first cosplay and I need to do it in 2 weeks.
I'm doing Yukimura Sanada because I like him.
I'm doing Sephiroth because I said that I would if I cosplayed.
I'm doing Vergil because he is bad ass.
I may Ieyasu Tokugawa because I some what like me (in are Dramas) and I think he is cool
I may do Eevee because eevee is my faz pokimon
I'm doing Seto Kaiba because it is Seto Friking Kaiba
i done shadow because it is shadow what more can I say