Personal Information

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Name : Amanda
Website : http://furaffinity.net/user/urucheetah
Location : scotland,uk
Date of Birth : 24th May 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Hey there I'm uru,I'm a furry. Uru cheetah :) cheetah through irony at the fact that cheetah's are slim and sleek,and well yeah I'm not lol.

My passions in life are building fursuits,drawing and painting both anthropomorphic animals and scenery. I adore cats of all species,cheetahs being the species that reign supreme in my mind,I live for my dog and my boyfriend :)

I work for a wetherspoons bar and restaurant.

Cosplay Bio

In cosplay I only do anime,I refuse point blank however to do any sort of human anime cosplay,I'm sorry but westerners cannot pull off a human anime character the costume may indeed be awesome but I'm sorry we just don't have the look.

I build animal anime cosplay from pokemon to digimon and naruto animls to okami,I'll happily attempt animal-ish cosplay

Contact Information

Msn- rook.dog@hotmail.co.uk
Email- toxifox@ymail.com
Furaffinity- http://furaffinity.net/user/urucheetah
Deviantart- http://cheetahsdenfursuits.deviantart.com
Youtube- furfem
Twitter- @uru_cheetah