About Me

I have always watched anime and read manga since I was a kid so I automatically wanted to cosplay ~

My current cosplays:

~Visual kei/lolita cosplay ~ Done
~Gogo Yubari from kill bill ~ Done
~Hinata from Naruto ~ Semi done?
~Ai Enma from Jigoku Shōjo~ semi done (need to do one with her proper hair -_-)
~Kid Lambo from Katekyo hitman reborn ~ Done
~White rabbit from Alice in Wonderland ~ Done
~Maid~ Done
~Wendy from Fairy Tail ~Done
~Sailor Moon from Sailor moon~ semi (wannabe) Done xP
~Japanese School girl~ Done
~Minnie mouse ~Done
~Genderbend Luffy from One piece ~Done
~Hello Kitty~ Done
~Buttercup from Power Puff Girls~ Done

Furture cosplays:

~Adventure time ~all the princesses~ LUMPY PRINCESS FOREVER <3 xD
~Air Gear~ Ringo Noyamano, Shiraume Noyamano ~
~Dynasty Warriors ~ Da qiao, Beauty Yu ~
~Fairy tail ~Kagura Mikazuchi ~
~League of legends ~ Annie Hustar~
~Naruto ~ Genderbend naruto, Shippuden Hinata, Konan
~One Piece ~ nico robin, Chopper ~ CHOPPER FOREVER <3~
~Panty and stocking with garterbelt ~ Stocking~
~Pretty cure ~ Cure peach~
~Vocaloid ~ Luka


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