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Name : Debs
Website : http://nyaffna.tumblr.com
Location : Glasgow
Date of Birth : 3rd February 1990
Age : 27

Personal Bio

Heya :)
I'm Debs, I'm 22 and I'm from Glasgow :)
Mummy to the potentially most geeky baby in the world (mums a former weeb, dads a furry.....poor thing XD)

I love obscure series (but not in a hipster way XD) - stuff like Damekkou Doubutsu, Renkin Sankyu MagiPoka, Seto no Hanayome and Jungle Wa Itsumo No Hale Nochi Guu.
I say that but tbh, I don't think I've watched a recent anime to have an opinion on lmao.

Also a fan of Hitman Reborn, Homestuck, Blue Exorcist and horror types :)

More of a gamer tbh :)

Review games as part of the Queens of the Pwn Age alongside my boyfriend Sephi and some friends ^^

I also ramble. A lot. So I'll shut up now.........

Cosplay Bio

Used to cosplay when I was younger but stopped after going to Uni.
I try and go to meets when I can but getting babysitters plus being a touch uneasy in huge crowds don't make it easy >_<
I'm mainly into Lolita fashion and spend a lot more money on that than on cosplay but trying to get back into it again :3

Contact Information

Twitter - @frebs
Facebook - www.facebook.com/weightedtiggscube
LJ - http://tyrano_tiggs.livejournal.com
QOTPA - www.qotpa.com - games reviewing :)