About Me

I got into cosplay from happening to show up at Expo one day and deciding I'd really like to try it! I've made some amazing friends cosplaying, and to me, that's what it's about, just getting together with like-minded people and having fun! So many random cosplaying moments, including chav-scaring with the Hichigo mask! That was...interesting to say the least.

I tend to gravitate towards characters from less well-known series, but I will cosplay well known characters if I like them enough. The cosplays I've done that I'm most proud of are Emperor Fou-Lu from Breath of Fire IV and Lezard Valeth from Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria, which were self-made (with a LOT of help!). I also buy costumes for casual events or casual wear, always good when you're going to events that involve drinking or sitting down on the ground.

My biggest aim at the moment is to cosplay characters from my favourite game series, Ar Tonelico. Watch this space for development.


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