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About Me

My first cosplay was Risa from D.N.Angel for the May expo '07. The awesome CrystalNeko told me i should cosplay, so i did, choosing the first character i happened to see. Yes I started cosplaying because of the almighty Parsnip Master, what a shocker! I now owe her £50 worth of cakey stuff, but she doesn't accept so its tough for her. XD - Oi Izzy! I would accept it, it would cost a lot on eBay so gimme! >[

Then, for JapanEx i cosplayed Tsukassa from Lucky Star, and entered the masq doing the dance. yayy XD
My favourite cosplay is definitely my Shia cosplay, although when i've finished my Dita cosplay that might change...I love Dita's swishy coat! XD I don't like crossplaying so much (unless its criss-cross-playing(awesome word XD) like Mana), no idea why.

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Feel free to PM me for my msn :)
Too much effort to write out all the things i'm randomly signed up to, my username is usually shigures high school girl or issabella mottman or some variation of that.


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