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Name : Izzy
Location : Taunton, Somerset
Date of Birth : 14th May 1993
Age : 24

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Lolz im immature.
O hai so i herd u liek mudkipz?

This space has now been HIJACKED by CrystalNeko, ohohohoho
*gets booted off account*
Scratch that I'm still here ohohohohoho
Oh how I love HIJACKing this account ;P
[Oi Izzy, change your p/w to stop me from coming on here! - unless my little messages -actually- amuses you O_o]
Izzy: hey, your little messages make me laugh! its entertaining, plus changing my password requires something called effort, which i just don't have!
Fi: Wow you sure are trusting... I could do something evil like change your p/w y'know. Buuuut your right, it requires something called effort which I just don't have either! XD But just you wait ;D
The word froggie makes me laugh
[I hope she likes me updating her profile for her ;P ~Fi *gets booted off account one more time*]

Ok I should be's a perfect time to write some stuff XD
I'm Izzy, i like lolita fashion, dance, sewing, anime, manga...the usual XD I'm veeery hyper and talkative most of the time, but painfully shy when meeting new people XD Err...I'm in year 11, exams are too soon, I'm taking the compulsory stuff plus german, business studies, drama (ITS OVER!! WOO!), history aaaand sociology XD Hoping to get at least a C in maths, which *touch wood* is the only thing I really need to worry about to get into college XD
That really wasn't worth it XD

Cosplay Bio

My first cosplay was Risa from D.N.Angel for the May expo '07. The awesome CrystalNeko told me i should cosplay, so i did, choosing the first character i happened to see. Yes I started cosplaying because of the almighty Parsnip Master, what a shocker! I now owe her £50 worth of cakey stuff, but she doesn't accept so its tough for her. XD - Oi Izzy! I would accept it, it would cost a lot on eBay so gimme! >[

Then, for JapanEx i cosplayed Tsukassa from Lucky Star, and entered the masq doing the dance. yayy XD
My favourite cosplay is definitely my Shia cosplay, although when i've finished my Dita cosplay that might change...I love Dita's swishy coat! XD I don't like crossplaying so much (unless its criss-cross-playing(awesome word XD) like Mana), no idea why.

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Feel free to PM me for my msn :)
Too much effort to write out all the things i'm randomly signed up to, my username is usually shigures high school girl or issabella mottman or some variation of that.