About Me

I never actually thought I would cosplay. I've always been very tall for my age (I was 5'7" when I started senior school and am now 6'1"), and so I kind of became aware that I loom and leer over my peer group. I also happen to be very clumsy, since I have dyspraxia. u.u'

But enough of the miserable stuff! I came out of my shell halfway through senior school, when I made some awesome friends who were into anime and manga too. There was a local mini-con on at Waterstones, so we went. :D I cosplayed as Cissnei from Compilation of FFVII, and made loads of friends at the event. The next time, I cosplayed as Watari from Descendants of Darkness... then I kind of fell in love with Hetalia and decided to cosplay France, which is a costume I tend to use whenever asked to cosplay. XD I've also cosplayed as Denmark and Poland. <3

And that's about it for now! I'm hoping to cosplay a lot more in the future, and build up my confidence. Bye bye~ o/