About Me

I got into cosplay from being a hardcore gamer and always thinking "man, it'd be awesome to be [character] for a day...". Then a couple of years back, my friend Kelly/Ai Honey introduced me to cosplay as a hobby. I've been pretty hooked ever since, in big part thanks to the wonderful community that UK cosplay has.
As a photographer I love to photograph cosplay and work with cosplayers, more than any other subject. Even fully paid professional models aren't as fun to work with as cosplayers are.
I've not actually cosplayed yet myself, even though I've wanted to for ten years (yeah I'm slow...). I'll be cosplaying for the first time at AmeCon 2008.

Other Profiles

E-mail: ihatethisform@gmail.com
MSN: ihatethisform@hotmail.com (should never be used for e-mail)


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