Personal Information

Name : Martyn
Website : http://www.flickr.com/photos/martynharvey/
Location : Essex, UK

Personal Bio

IT Geek, Photography Enthusiast, Gaming Nut, Motorbike racer, Wine lover, Anime Fan, all round super nerd :)

Anime wise I'm a big fan of the Mecha genre as I grew up with the likes of Robotech, Exo-Squad and Tekkaman - these led me to the legendary Macross series and ultimately in to Japanse Anime as a whole. Have since enjoyed so many it's hard to list them all given the variety of genres I now get through! Currently catching up on Code Geass, Steins Gate and Baccano! Manga I have to admit I don't get a chance to read through as much as I'd like, really want to catch up on the Claymore series and Attack on Titan. Two series I absolutely loved watching and want to see how the Manga varies...

Cosplay Bio

Complete cosplay newbie! Attended my first Comic Con last year in London and met so many awesome cosplayers. Looking forward to getting my first few cosplay ideas sorted for the upcoming Cons.