About Me

I love cosplay as it's so fun and vibrant, 99.9999% of cosplayers I've met have been wonderful, really interesting, cool people that I know will be my friends for life. I got started in 2008 when I went to the London October Expo with my friend Danny. I had seen cosplay before and I wanted to try for myself so I found it a good opportunity to do so! Of course my first cosplay was not my best, my mum made it for me but at the time I felt really proud of being involved with cosplaying and being around such amazing cosplayers. I enjoy the fun, colourful costumes, fun group photoshoots, London Expo, the feeling cosplay gives me when I think I've achieved something and the fun people I meet through cosplay that have the same interests as me! I'm not sure of my proudest moments, just when I'm out, at a convention or just in town and someone squeals and asks for a picture, because then I'm making them happy!

Other Profiles

MSN - raspberry_nya@live.co.uk
iScribble - Raspberry0
Youtube - Raspberry0nya
CosplayLab - Raspberry