About Me

I started cosplaying in Middle school, I went to the otakon convention in Baltimore, MD. I made a yuya shiina cosplay from Samurai Deeper Kyo. The following two years my whole family went and both years I made cosplays for myself, my two siblings, and at least two or three friends. I've continued to go every years since then, and I cosplay every year so my experience is good and my cosplay have only gotten better ^.^ My greatest achievement to date is probably my gothic lolita cosplay, it has take more detail and time then any of my other cosplays.

Other Profiles

my e-mail: neoedo2009@yahoo.com
my main website: www.neoedo2009.deviantart.com
my yahoo messenger sn : neoedo2009
my AOL messenger sn: neoedo 2009
my face book: Mai Han