About Me

So far I've made three complete cosplay and working on three more. All I need to do for my Zoey is add white and fix the collar on my jacket. For my Riku, just have to get the wig! 8D! LOVE Organization XIII Because one coat works for about 15 different characters. xDDD. Namine all I need for her is a Wig. >> Yeah, seriously, not much left on those. Ellis... My mother keeps forgetting to go on Valve Store and order me the cap and Bullshifter T-Shirt. I'll make his mechanic jumpsuit myself and get his blond wig. He's going to take a while -Sweatdrop.- But Hey!! I'm getting somewhere right?

As I said before, I'm a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to cosplaying. I never had the support before this year, now, I can go as long as I pay for it! -I just need to find a job now, xD.- And my great-grandmother loves the time she spends with me while we make my costumes. Though, I'm probably going to start making them on my own... we're having some family issues at the moment.

My next projects after I finish these are Riku KH2 Causal Clothing and Hope FFXIII. Not going to be easy with either of them, but I'll figure out something. Wish me luck! 8D

Other Profiles

Yahoo: cherry45blossom00
Skype: x_sorasxmemories_namine_x