About Me

Yuki: (Has fallen in...)

Rue: I love to look the part best i can! (witch is not very well considering were American...Yes we are from America! Land of the free and home of the Whopper!)but i likes to keep in shape!!! (and sleeping! including eating ice cream and watching Tv all day) KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!!! But knowledge cant save you from Chuck Norris! ( ._. then again nothing can...)
Someday i hope to be cosplaying my own characters! Being loved and adored by millions of sweaty anime nerds!!! MWAAHAHAHA!! (The American dream baybeh!!)
Most of all I love to crossplay!!
Don't know about you but it just feels right! (until they tear off your wig)
But dresses or bow ties aside cosplayings in my blood!
And theres nothing other than the humiliation by other that will ever stop me!! >:D
But lets see... I love cosplaying as Kiato from vocaloids!
this year im hopfuly cosplaying as Pluto from Kuroshitsuji
And I hope me and Yuki can start preparing for Jounjou Romantica,Popotan,sailor moon,magical nusre witch komugi,and maybe some Gakuen heaven!


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