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I first got into cosplay around 2004 when I first saw Mana in Malice Mizer and thought wow! Mana was one of my first cosplays, shame I lost pictures of my very first cosplays over time *sigh*

Ayacon 2005
Amecon 2006
London Expo Oct 2006
London Japanese Expo July 2007
Amecon 2007
London Gothic Lolita meetup Nov 2007
London Expo May 2008
London Expo Oct 2008
London Cosplay Ball 2008
Ayacon 2009
London Cosplay Ball 2009
Amecon 2010
Ayacon 2011
Ayacon 2013

Also loads of random minicons up in the North ^^

Also not including random cosplays. More will be added as months goes by...

Video footage of myself lol:

I'm on stage lol.... can you see me? London Expo 2006 (at 1:35min)


I'm so sad lol.... London Expo 2007


Amecon 2007 D.Grayman ^^



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