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Name : lora
Location : wigan, lancashire.
Date of Birth : 16th February 1988
Age : 29

Personal Bio

Been a very keen fan of anime/manga since i was about 13. My collection is by no means extensive but those that i love, i love obsessively. My first love was the original 'ghost in the shell' film. Partly because it was one of only very easily available manga films available when i first started taking my interest seriously. Incidentally, it remains a real favorite and i can say without fear of contradiction that cyberpunk is my preferred sub genre of anime. The first series i really obsessed about was 'serial experiments'. It blew my mind at a young age and i regularly took pictures of lain into local hairdressers, much to there amusement/bemusement.
When i was about 14/15 i fell head over heels for cowboy bebop. An incredibly 'cool' series which i still adore.

Back then, i had an incredible desire to dress as my favorite characters - having no idea that cosplay existed. Since then i've gained alot of weight and worry that I wouldn't be able to cosplay successfully.
I was a size 22 but have worked really hard and lost over 4 stone in the last 18 months or so.
I signed up to this site about 2 years ago but was too afraid to be active in the forum because i became very restricted by my size. I hope now that i can continue to loose weight and gain the confidence to cosplay.

Other than cosplay i am INCREDIBLY passionate about music. Generally 1980's synthpop, EBM, coldwave, sophistipop and NDW. Which of course means i LOVE the soundtrack to armitage iii :-D

I currently work as an artist in residence in a local high school, which i love. Particularly as in my lunch time art club that i run, the kids really want to look at manga/anime so i've been sharing my old sketchbooks with them and getting back into drawing my own stuff!