Personal Information

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Name : cat
Location : suffolk
Date of Birth : 23rd August 1989
Age : 27

Personal Bio

waaah, erm, my names cat ^^ i looove to cosplay, take photos, doodle and dance...reeeeeeeeeally badly to cheesey music!!. not really that much to me, apparently im funny(?)usually easy to get along with.
errrm into loadsa types of music...proboly more towards rock that dance n rnb n stuff (not that i dont like it ^^) anywho...thats about it XD
if theres anythin you wanna know ask ^^

Cosplay Bio

ooooki, so i got started in cosplay when i was like 14, went to a fancy dress party as duke devlin (SP) from yugioh and reeeally liked it, so i started making things, like cat ears, tails, customizing clothes and stuff. that kinda died down for a while untill the end of high school, when i somehow got into manag and anime again (not that im complaining!) and started sewing again, heard about conventions and stuff through neo-mag..and thats pretty much, where im at now ^^
i looove making costume, and just watching them progress from one stage to another, i like challenging myself, as ive had no training in costume design/making so im kinda proud of what ive done so far ^^ currently working on my first furry costume (and likely my last!) which is fun but really tiring

Contact Information

livejournal : kitty_23
facebook: cat apps
deviantart: kitty-yachiru
gaiaonline: kitty_yachiru