About Me

Ive always loved anime and manga. i met my friend mogwai k at uni and we decided to go to our first ever anime expo!! we were so nervous and didnt know if we wanted to dress up.( for about 2 seconds) i went and Edward Elric from full metal alchemist.(sweet!) since then me and my friend go to the expo every year to take part in the masgarade, its become a bit of an obsession. ive cosplayed as loads of my fav characters including naruto and syaoron (from tsubasa). and i know i'll keep going! mogwai k and i have also set up a cosplay buisness together called Kitsune Cosplay! if you like our costumes please contact us!

Other Profiles

If u'd like to contact Kitsunefox or Mogwai k or to order your very own cosplay comission just contact us at CosplayKingdom@hotmail.co.uk


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