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Name : Julia
Date of Birth : 22nd January 1992
Age : 25

Personal Bio

I've just finished my last year of A Levels and I hope to study Computer Science at Imperial College in October! My dream is to work for a video game company as a designer, or for Google, because those guys are awesome.
One of my main hobbies is drawing, but video games are a close second, of course ;)

Cosplay Bio

I'm not really sure exactly when I got into cosplay, but I'm pretty sure deviantART has had a lot to do with it! I've liked anime and manga for a long time, and it's always rewarding to make the characters I love come to life in my own room. I'm a bit of an amateur at sewing at the moment but somehow I've managed to make a few costumes by sheer luck xD Hopefully I shall get better though~

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