About Me

I blame PikminLink and Cardcaptor Sakura. I did a search online to find out were to buy CCS costumes and ended up on a cosplay website where I found PikminLink. I was suprised at how she looks so much like Link and Marth (and pretty much all the characters she cosplays, I swear she's a chameleon) Her costumes looked awesome and so detailed, and then I found out she made them by hand. I guess it just started from there.
It got more serious after I attended my first convention. Even though I thought my Reno cosplay looked tacky lot's of people thought it was great and that gave me a confidence boost. It's a pity no one recognised my Kyo cosplay ^ ^;; they might've if I had the wig.

Other Profiles

MSN/e-mail - not_a_vampire@hotmail.co.uk
AIM - kilik chan
am also on cosplay.com but rarely use it nowadays.