About Me

With Cosplay, I like to portray characters that will challenge my crafting skills but also ones that I really admire (Lara Croft is a prime example) and that I identify with...and let's face it, who doesn't want to Cosplay as a zombie every once in a while (hence the Clicker Cosplay).

The characters that I have Cosplayed so far and hoping to in the future are the following:

.Poison Ivy (Completed)
.Tomb Raider Reborn Lara Croft (Completed)
.Comic-Book Black Widow (Completed)
.The Last of Us Clicker (Completed)
.Black Canary (Completed)

I have competed in the Cosplay Masquerade with my Lara Croft Cosplay at MCM Birmingham in 2014, and although I did not win I have to say it was an incredible experience and definitely something that I want to do again the future as I hone my crafting skills. However I am hoping to attend more Conventions throughout the summer which will include LFCC, MCM Manchester, MCM London, MCM Birmingham (again), and finally Thoughtbubble towards the end of the year.

Other Profiles

E-mail: jesshealy24@hotmail.co.uk
Twitter: @jessienoochies
Blog: jessienoochies@wordpress.com

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Online - 19th June

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