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Name : Ann
Website : http://www.myspace.com/ohayosakito
Location : London

Personal Bio

Hiiii I'm Ann.
There are times when I can be bxtchy, but only about people I dislike. Patience is one of my good points. Along with all those other good words. xD Sometimes I'm annoyed with my personality and annoy myself. I'm hoping to become a successful architect or model.

I have messed up hair. It's cut irregularly but it looks cool (y) My nails are random colours with a polkadot style. Black nails are too common nowadays. I love soya milk and the smell of nail polish remover kills. My style is cool! =D My style. Ann style. ? I do wear make up but very lightly. Silver eyeliner, mascara and vaseline. =) Back then, I used to wear eyeliner so heavily, it looked like I was involved in war. Hmm...might consider doing it again.

I'm sexist towards homeless people. I only give money to woman. HA [!] But they have to look sane and not be muttering swear words or craziness under their breath!
I can eat five doughnuts, maybe more, without licking my lips.
I used to think a condom was something associated with breasts when I was younger. Chinese medicated oil smells sexy <3. The only books I've enjoyed reading are A Series Of Unfortunate Events and the Harry Potter septology~ ?
Only Manga I've read: D.N.Angel. =)

I hate little 12 year old kids falling in 'love.' They don't know what love fxcking is. "Ohh we'll be together forever" and "I'm nothing without you." OH PLEASE shut up and stick to school. =)

I love attending Animé conventions because they're COOL and FUN ^-^. I'm a fan of cosplaying but I'm not very good at making costumes and I'm too poor to afford my own materials/or buy costumes. LOL

I enjoy listening to Jrock, Some Korean hip hop and Chinese.

Stewie: "DAMN YOU, VILE WOMAN!" Haha thanks Jimmy for the belated b'day pres.
I'm a very nice [such a boring word] girl so don't be afraid to msg or comment me~. I may or may not reply back..depends if I'm bothered or not. Lol ^^;

All in all, I'm a very nice person who gets along with everyone =).
Well that's all folks. Random info on me =D

Cosplay Bio

I've always been interested in cosplay since I was really young. I remember my first outfit when I was five. [school girl outfit]. Later when I was older, I started styling my hair like anime characters which I called: Hairplay =].