Personal Information

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Name : amanda
Website : http://furaffinity.net/user/aroobreastentein
Location : glasgow, uk
Date of Birth : 24th May 1989
Age : 28

Personal Bio

Hey there, I'm known as houndoom to my furry comrades, yes I'm a furry, get over it.

I do have my usual fursona but I also have my pokesona too, an ice type houndoom.

Yes I am a fursuit builder but won't be uploading fursuits to here,don't see the point in all honesty,unless said fursuit is based on an existing style i.e pokemon/digimon/sonic/naruto etc.

I am from glasgow in scotland U.K

I cosplay animals and my boyfriend cosplays star wars lol

Hit me up for a chat sometime

Cosplay Bio

Ok so in cosplay I am not interested in the slightest in human cosplay, especially anime human, us westerners don't pull it off in my opinion, unless its anima gao kigurumi then I'm interested :) no harm on those who do cosplay humans its just not for me I afraid although I do comment on well tailored costumes or those that have had a very creative build :)

I build full fursuit cosplays,pokemon being my favourite, their the easiest. Digimon are more complex and sonic is down right annoying lol

I do own a renamon cosplay that was a gift to me by a friend who bought it off of milanoo.com for me,its really well made but the head is a nightmare lol,its a big proper mascot style thing.