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Sadly , I got into cosplay rather late ;o; ( boooooo ) ! I've always known about it , but assumed it only took place mainly in Japan ( yes, you may condescend me for my complete lack of knowledge ). It was only when a fellow anime friend of mine ( possibly my ONLY friend who is into such things ) suggested we go to the Naruto launch at Virgin in London. We dressed up - horribly might I add, never will I post pictures of my awful AWFUL Orochimaru cosplay!! Anyway , I digress - the launch was basically full of epic cosplayers who put me to utter shame - I've been hooked from then. I suck at sewing , but hey - I try my best!! I make about 60 % of my cosplays. The rest I buy if I am either lazy, the costume is too hard , or if I have no time to make all the costumes I plan in one sitting x__X!


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