About Me

Well i've been cosplaying for about 8 or so years.

For me my best cosplay moments for me has to be being interviewed by ADV UK at Minamicon 13, purely cuz they loved my Gendo (from Evangelion) cosplay.
The full video of which can be found here:

And the scond one; being part of the Street Fighter group at Minami Con 15.

A lot of my cosplays have been simple, requiring little or no alterations to be made, and little or no make up. I love hunting around charity shops for stuff i can use for my cosplays. Though these days i've branched out into doing more sewing (mostly by hand) and even some basic leather working.

Due to my parallel interest in LARPing, i'm looking to expand into more leather working and foam / latex prop making.

As of March 2015 i've started my own facebook page.

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