About Me

Hm, well I've only been cosplaying for about a year now, and I first started off with Vriska Serket from Homestuck. She was my absolute favorite character in Homestuck (and still is), and I worked up that cosplay for Halloween, 2012. It didn't turn out the best and I redid some things to make myself proud of it, and I have to say that the hardwork really payed off by the time Anime Milwaukee came. And I think, from that time forward, I was really excited about doing more and getting closer to the community. Everyone was so nice to me that weekend, and I made a lot of new friends then.
I've only done a few cosplays (Vriska, Sollux Captor, Feferi Peixes, and Karkat Vantas, all from Homestuck), and I'm currently working on getting further out there. It gives me something to be proud of and allows me to meet many new people as well as spend time with old friends.

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