About Me

I started cosplaying in May 2006 when I was 14. I was introduced to cosplay by my two friends Arie and Lain and my first cosplay event was the Naruto DVD Release at HMV. I cosplayed Temari. After that I was completely hooked. I went to May Expo '06 as Young Zelda from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and since havnt missed a London Expo.
Ive been more actively involved in cosplay within the last year after going to cosplay picnics and becoming great friends with a brilliant group of cosplayers. This has led to me cosplaying on a much more regular basis and has turned me into a bit of an addict.
I've currently completed upwards of 30 costumes for myself and my fiance Reiss.

Other Profiles

MSN: sammi_the_vampire@hotmail.co.uk