Personal Information

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Name : Jeni
Website :
Location : Eastbourne
Date of Birth : 7th August 1995
Age : 21

Personal Bio

Half german, half New Zelander. Fully fledged idiot.

Commonly referred to as hexaspex, my username on most sites.

Currently studying for my Photography, Physics, Chemisty and Biology at college.

Will be friends with almost anyone with ease.

In love with sea.

Proud to be who I am.

Cosplay Bio

Entering my fourth year of cosplay now =D

I look back at my old cosplays and cringe at the shoddy quality, look at my recent ones and do the same thing.

I'm an avid photographer, and adore the chance to have someone in front of my lens. I'm currently saving for a new camera, as until I can buy one I'm going to be continually working on film. But if you ever want photos, and live near to London or Brighton or somewhere nearbyish to Eastbourne, well hey, just send me a message and you can have some pictures 8D