About Me

ok lets start with how I got into anime :)
Well I first started watching anime when I was about 3 or 4. My first anime was (you guessed it) pokemon! XD then after that was digimon.
After years flew by, I thought I was too old to watch "cartoons" (as I thought they were called back then) by the time in year 8, I found that a few people at school was into anime including a few of my friends. At this time I knew what anime was but wasn't really into it, I kind of thought they were sad at the time but lets keep that a secret shall we? ;)
Another year flew by and decided to watch this "anime" My first was lucky*star! And fell in love with the anime. I finally realized what I was missing out XD
Ok now the cosplay bit, as I started watching a few more animes, my friends suggested that I should go to london expo with them and cosplay! I was really excited and so I went as konata izumi from lucky*star, I had an amazing time and wanted to go to the next one :)
I would like to thank you vicky and catherine for getting me into anime and cosplay! :D


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