About Me

Cosplay... I guess ever since I was little and loved Halloween. The first costume I can remember was tearing up some tatty jeans and being a pirate. Then Toy Story, Pokemon and it all went from there. I've always loved D'N'D and roleplaying games and crafty type stuff. I love the way people interact with each other in costume, it's always a blast and you really see people come out of their shells.

I think my proudest moment has been cosplaying Alphone Elric in armour. It was a quick job done in under a week. Also getting up on stage and doing skits and winning stuff for that is great too.

Other Profiles

Always happy to meet new friends.

MSN: starward_bound@hotmail.com
AIM: TobiasParkes
LJ: Thelistkeeper.livejournal.com

I warn you, some of my art, fics etc is NSFW!