About Me

I got interested in cosplay about a year ago wen i went to a convention in Irealand called eirtakon which was run by one of my friends. i had already like anime and manga but never considered cosplaying! but i met loads of new ppl at the con and started going to dublin with them in my cosplay. Most of the time it was pretty crap cosplay, like wearing a wig or a couple of accessories that the character wore but at the convention this year i wore proper cosplay. I was sasori from naruto and have my full cosplay for that and i was orihime from bleach. I never fully finished that cosplay cos i never got the wig but i will be buying it once i finish the new cosplays im working on. I'd say my proudest moment in cosplay is everytime someone compliments my cosplay (even though they might just be trying to be nice). XD
or wen i make a cosplay and it turns out well, it makes me so happy *happy tears*
wow i've wrote alot. im going to stop....now! XD

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email: elishatierney2007@gmail.com
msn: elishatierney@gmail.com
DA: http://xellychanx.deviantart.com/

Thats It! Add me if u want! XD


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