Personal Information

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Name : Zoe
Website : http://x-evilspawnpanda-x.deviantart.com/
Location : Romford
Date of Birth : 29th April 1995
Age : 22

Personal Bio

hi, my name is Zoe, i love the colour green.
i'm pretty hyper most of the time, but i can sometimes get really emo.
i am a student at a really crap school and the only thing i like there are my friends ^_^

Cosplay Bio

i got started when my friends forced me to cosplay L
since then my cosplays have improved even though i usually just buy them rather then make them myself

i cosplay with a group call CosplayAhoy and also with a group called ShugoUK, both can be found on deviant art, i am a frequent DAer and i am online almost every evening if you want to get in touch ^_^

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