About Me

I started Cosplaying back in 2012. I started with buying the costumes, but then moved on to trying to make costumes or parts of the costumes myself. My first character to cosplay was Belarus/Natalia from Hetalia.

I enjoy cosplaying all types of characters and doing different themed CMVs and Photoshoots. I don't have any limitations when it comes to cosplay so I'm not scared to cosplay Yaoi or Yuri either (something I love <3)

Contact Information

Website : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvvz4fmBUKOjVl5TrHLCK5g?guided_help_flow=3&ytsession=nwFnvL6RY8UeM2BoLY_OpLcNH4t-WjUxr2Y2HGutiXJ37UObgnAqpNyNJGAgy7Gg6mqVS4B3MOkHD5R0KGg_XnEDbib2Jh0AU9dLxFrq1T7HAkewPGG3Hvy9W16-GXu5tFgbcvK46HcElZ3dxK0BY8y66WTL_y8Vz6WoEUkpM_