Personal Information

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Name : Becky
Website : http://withinwhimsy.deviantart.com/
Location : Halesowen
Date of Birth : 15th November 1993
Age : 23

Personal Bio

My name is Becky/Mara and I'm obsessed with cosplaying. I haven't been into it long unfotunatly, I only started last year, but I've taken to it like... well like something that takes to things quickly!

I'm a pessimistic lazy type person, but I love lots and act like a mother around my friends. If I could be an animal I'd be a wolf and if I were a colour I'd be red. If I could be anyone for a day I'd have to be Miku.

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY... and ANIMALS... And that is pretty much me :3

Cosplay Bio

My cosplay interest started only last year when I became good friends with my girlfriend... that sounds strange... but yes. My first cosplay was an anbu and my favourite cosplay that I own is my Miku that I bought from TokyoToys. I'd marry that woman if I could!

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