About Me

I first cosplayed at the London MCM Expo in 2006, and ever since then I have had the cosplay bug! My uncle is to "blame" for my love of video games and anime, ever since he introduced me to Final Fantasy back in the 90s.

As you can probably see from my profile, I like to cosplay "bish" characters. Anything from Castlevania, Final Fantasy (before it got rubbish) and of course Dynasty Warriors will always interest me.

I started out cosplaying whilst at college, and from 2008-2009 cosplayed with koei, (creators of Dynasty Wariors), and promoted their characters at the London MCM Expo and Paris Japan Expo events.

Now I cosplay for fun and to meet new people, I no longer cosplay competitively but love entering masquerades, any excuse to show off!

I present the ECG and WCS qualifiers at the Hyper Japan events, a great chance to meet more cosplayers from around the world. Hopefully I will meet many more great people at events in the future!

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Online - 19th June

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