Personal Information

Name : Annie
Location : Liverpool
Date of Birth : 14th April 1993
Age : 24

Personal Bio

hey there!
i'm annie, and i'm quite new to cosplaying, so if i seem like a complete n00b or idiot, now you know why XD.
uhm, lessee,
well, i like anime, mainly the shonen or "boys" kind. except the epic 10 episode battles. meh, i watch em, but can get a tad tedious ^^
i'm a student right now, still in high school, so what i am able to do is hugely determined by what my parents think is safe ¬¬
which is a huge pain in the ass, coz they see danger in just about anything.
i guess it's a clever way of thinking, but also a boring one.
where i am, there are few anime conventions available, let alone any good ones.
the best we can do is a small gathering in the local bookshop.
but beggars can't be choosers, so i'm still psyched about going!

Cosplay Bio

well, i'm interested in cosplaying as any character, really.
problem is, apart from actually getting there, is the costume material aquiring, and the dye issue. my hair is naturally a dark red-y kinda colour, and my parents are very against me dying my hair (as is my school. snooty bastards ¬¬)
and considering the tiny amount of money i get a week, some of wich goes to travel, it would take me a while to collect nearly enough money to buy fabric.
oh well, i guess having a dip in my social life will be worth it in the end ;).

i ramble too much XD

the thing i wnjoy most about cosplay much fun can be had when doing it (probably not the only one who feels this way, right?)
the most i've done is acting wierd infront of the camera in very badly constructed costume. but still had a hell of a laugh while doing it!!!

so...yeah. that was a (no doubt boring XD) ramble from me.

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